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"Mel's Massive Balloons"
Mel returns after a long absence and she has greatly missed blowing up and popping beautiful balloons. All the balloons that Mel plays with have to be first blown up to stretch them out. Then Mel will let the air back out of them and then re-inflate them knowing full well they will get much bigger the second time. As her comments demonstrate, she loves it as the balloons get rock hard right before they burst. This is her favorite part of the balloon inflation process. When she re-inflates the balloons a second time, she loves to see the difference in size as the balloon grows until it reaches the ultimate fate and shreads in an explosion of shards. Soon though, Mel gets tired of these balloons and has to pull out some bigger ones, including a Tilly Worker that gets bigger than the room as her lips force more air into it until it explodes. The noise generated by these bursting balloons even cause Mel to hold her ears...ouch! more info

59 minutes:    $25.00 (DVD)

"Balloon Class, BAlloon Recess"
This video consists of two shorter videos combined into one. The first part features Chanta. Chanta teaches us about the dangers balloons face when left out in the open. They can be stepped on by accident, sat on, inflated too much or simply come into contact with random sharp objects. Of course, what would a class be without some first hand demonstrations of what not to do if you want to properly care for your balloons. Chanta makes a great teacher, and uses her brilliant humor and wit to keep the viewer attentive. In the second part of the video, Misty and Lena join us for some ballon games that involve a lot of popping. After all, when class is over it is time for recess. A lot of goofy fun takes place when the girls blow up, sit on, stomp and squeeze balloons in an attempt to maximize their fun. They even get to test their punchball skills. The result is that two adults get to become kids again. more info

86 minutes:    $25.00 (DVD)

"Mellyloon: A New Breed"
Here is another video in our Mellyloon compilation series. This video is takes the viewer out into some real world experiences as we work with new models in both indoors and out in public. The footage is very raw and unedited. When outdoors, you will often hear people around us that are curious and come to watch. For some reason, the public oftens takes interest when we get beautiful women to blow up and pop balloons in public. The video starts off where we left off in Mellyloon Beginnings, with Mel, Sherie and Kayla. Then we introduce Angela, Destiny and Angel. There is a ton of b2p in this video with a few other surprises mixed in. more info

86 minutes:    $25.00 (DVD)

"Renee's Roaring Booms"
Renee is back and she just loves the noise that balloons make when they pop. In the beginning of the video, she comments, "I bet you wish you were here with me popping all these beautiful balloons". Renee loves the fact that her ears will ring from the loud booms and she even talks about how she loves to go to see fireworks. Talking during the whole time about how exciting the incredibly loud explosions are when the balloons burst from the pressure. A ton of of blow to pop, squeezing and sitting on balloons takes place until every last balloon gives Renee the satifying loud explosion she desires. more info

60 minutes:    $25.00 (DVD)

"Heaven's Popping Pole"
Heaven is a dancer who loves her art. She also just happens to be great at blowing up balloons until they pop. In addition, no pumps are used in this video. All the inflation is performed by Heaven, and she deserves a standing ovation. It seems no balloon is too tough for her. Uniques, Tuf-Tex, 24" Qualatexes are all popped by Heaven blowing into them until they can't take it anymore. The balloon covered dance stage is where Heaven is at her best. Swinging on the stripper pole while blowing up and popping her balloons comes natural to Heaven. Some people have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time, but Heaven can easily hang and spin up-side down on her stripper pole while blowing balloons up until they burst and have a lot of fun doing it. One other thing that Heaven likes to do is dig her fingers into some of the balloons that are already blow up. If you like squeezing, this is also a good video for you.. more info

65 minutes:    $25.00 (DVD)

"Monique's Balloon Madness"
Monique returns home from a party on her birthday after really missing her balloon buddies. Monique is a bit of a bigger girl, and even though she likes the smaller balloons, she really enjoys the big balloons, especially popping them. She really enjoys having time to herself, alone with her balloons, and makes it quite clear she doesn't need anyone else as long as she has her balloons. Some of her favorite ways to pop the balloon are by blow to pop, siting and squeezing. She even pops a few airships by blowing into the until they can't take any more pressure. more info

60 minutes:    $25.00 (DVD)

"Angela's Popping Sensation"
Angela opens up her latest video by exploding out from underneath a huge pile of balloons that had buried her. Growing up, she would often join high school activities where she knew there would be balloons. Once you understand her past and why she loves them, you will quickly comprehend all the popping she begins to do. Her experience with her nails and pins could only have been developed over years of practice. Angela is also prolific at stomping and overinflation, as the viewer will become aware. Another love of Angela's is helium balloons. There are many bunches of helium balloons in this video and everyone meets its end by Angela's hands. more info

63 minutes:    $25.00 (DVD)

"Sarah's Balloon Sensation"
Sarah is just drop dead hot! We couldn't wait to make her available on video for you and now here she is. Sarah's video is divided into two parts. In the first part of the video we turn Sarah loose on a bunch of balloons. She enjoys squeezing, sitting on, blowing them up and most of all, poppping them. After watching Sarah have her fun in the first part of the video you will get to see all of her photo shoots in a compilation that we have added to the second half of the video. It will make you feel just like you were there on the set with us. In addition, the DVD version of the video contains all the photos from the sets so you can re-live her wonderful work. more info

52 minutes:    $25.00 (DVD)

"Balloon Tag Team"
Renee loves balloons, but is tired of playing with them by her lonesome. Her best friend Lora is a girl that is filled with fun and excitement, and loves to try new things. Renee sees an opportunity to introduce Lora to her secret fun. At first, Lora is a bit scared the balloons will be too loud and may hurt her when they pop, but Renee assures her there is nothing to be freightened of. When Lora blows up her first balloon until it pops, she giggles with delight and proclaims, "that was so cool!". Before we know it, Lora is challenging Renees to see who can blow up a 20" Tilly until it pops, first. Together these twos gorgeous women combine their efforts to pop enough balloons to make themselves, and you, very "satisfied". more info

62 minutes:    $30.00 (DVD)

"Darlene's Balloon-A-Thong"
Darlene is sexy, hot, fearless and loves to pop balloons and looks great in a bikini and thong. This video is made up of different scenes including pin popping, sitting, blow to pop and squeezing. For the pins, she loves putting the pin in her mouth and jabbing balloons in midair. Her blow to pops result in some huge necks and big bangs. The squeezing section involves Darlene wrapping her arms around the balloons and crushing them against her body. And the sitting section, oh Darlene is just amazing. She makes the most out of a chair as she climbs up on top of the balloons and comes down hard. You will not believe some of her acrobatic sit pops and will wonder how the chair withstood the punishment she gave it. Oh, and did we mention how great she looks in a thong? more info

57 minutes:   $25.00 (DVD)

"Asian Power Pop"
Kiana returns home from school very frustrated from a day of hard studying. Thank goodness for her trusty balloons. The bangs of the popping quickly make her forget about all her problems. Dressed in her schoolgirl skirt and ponytails, Kiana takes delight in the different shapes of balloons she gets to play with including giant and small rabbit balloons, Mickey Mouse balloons and the usual small and large round balloons. Soon she decides to abandon the school uniform and change into something less proper. In her sexy night clothes, Kiana's tiny body and cute butt makes it a joy to watch her bounce on the balloons. Mixed in with all the bouncing and stomping is some nice inflation. This little Asian beauty has some puffy cheeks on her. more info

64 minutes:   $25.00 (DVD)

"Talia's Balloon Thunder"
Talia is one sexy, sophisticated woman. Having just arrived home from her office job, she is dieing to dive into some balloons for good stress relief. Stomping, sitting and squeezing quickly begin and then it is on to the inflation. Talia is in no way intimidated by large balloons. She blows up some very big ones to both play with and blow until they pop. Talia then relaxes a bit more and removes her high heels and uses the spikes as a deadly weapon. Next up is the giant 60" pnik monster pink . This one just about knocks the wall out when it explodes. If you like it when a sexy, sophisticated woman pops balloons in every way possible, this is the video for you. more info

57 minutes:    $25.00 (DVD)

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