hey mike , hope things are going well . I got the new video balloon southern comfort ... in a few words .... great great stuff .... whata great video.. this and the legend ... great balloon party crash ..capture the true spirit of looning ..
its such a relief to see some real looning videos instead of a bunch of naked women popping balloons looking awkward ... and bored .

Just wanted to let you know I got my DVD in the mail and the movie was awsome.

Once again I have enjoyed another great DVD (Liz's Bursting Love 2) from the Mellyloon's. LIZ is a very beautiful young woman with very nice long legs. She starts out dress fairly nicely in the fist 30 minsutes of the DVD as she inflates and bounces on several LARGE round balloons. At one point she puts her legs INSIDE the huge 40"balloons and one arm in annothe large round balloon. Something like a balloon dress. Very nicely done. In the second 30 minutes Liz is dressed in a VERY nice Saphire blue Teddy that lets you see far more than you would think. Liz once again goes for the LARGE balloons and shows you just what she can do with them. I was surprised by the special features on this DVD. The scene selcetion allows you to choose some of the BEST scenes in the DVD and all the Extra pictures are very nice as well. I thought they would be pic of the same video which they are but they are taken from very different abgles that what the DVD was recorded from. Once again this is a VERY good DVD and if you don't have it, I would suggest you pic one up, you will enjoy it very much.

I recently purchase 3 DVD's from the Mellyloon site www.mellyloon.com and I have enjoyed each one them very much! If you have seen Amber's Antics then you can ignore this if not I would suggest to you to buy this DVD. Amber is a VERY beautiful young woman and she really does a great job with the balloons. I would say she was a little on the vicious side but the balloons deserved it. the DVD is put together into 2 30min sections. Amber is wearing and very tight and very mini balck dress which at times looks like she is about to POP out of. Amber Rides several LARGE balloons until they pop. She is aslo wearing High heeled balck dress shoes. which as you can see for your self make very short work of any balloon that comes to close to the heel. Also in this DVD Amber inflates some VERY LARGE round balloons until the pop, some of them are between her lages as she inflates them. Amber rides one very large dark blue balloon like a pony until pops. (very nice!) All through the DVD Ambers talks to you with how the balloons make her feel and what she really wants to do with them. I was surprise with the extra features of this DVD. I thought the pictures section would just be more of the same but the pictures were taken from very different angles than the angle of the video. The one thing I thought was very nice about Amber (besides her body) was that she was fearless when it came to popping the balloons. Or anything else to do with them. If you don't have this DVD you can get it at mellyloon.com They have a new one comming out called Southern something. It too looks like it will be VERY good.

Hello Mike,
I received the DVD's well, and moreover, very quickly, surely for such an "exotic" destination as Belgium. Thanks also for the nice present, a very appropriete one by the way. Meanwhile, I tried all four movies (Liz's Bursting Love, Skye and Vanisha, Ambers' Balloon Antics and Renees Overinflation Rumble), aal very good ones:
Liz clearly loves to pop the big ones. One can see she is really enjoying the game, she can't be faking.
Skye 's got a very styleful way of putting her lips around the small nozzle, filling her cheecks and pushing softly another blow into an already tight and shiny balloon. And Vanisha, I love her cheecks, really made for blowing.
Ambers video is very professional and, at the same time, very spontanous. She's entertaining her public in a very relaxed way. I enjoyed that one very much.
And finally ... Rene! the inexhaustable "blow-to-popper". Her cute little giggles after each pop reveal she must be a real Looner with a big "L". Surely towards the end, when she starts putting her "claws" into every remaining balloon, she reveals her true nature. Much appreciated!
About the Mellyloon site: I visited lots of balloon-sites, but yours is definitely the most tastfull one. It's got the right touch for the real looner. The big, thight, pear-shaped balloons are the main performers, as it should be. The first time I discovered Mellyloon I was really excited and I subscribed immediately. This is what I always have been looking for.

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know I got Angela & Kayla's Surprise Party today. Angela & Kayla are two of the most adorable girls I've ever seen in a balloon video and they seemed to be having the time of their life popping the balloons. I didn't think the ending was that unusual (although I had the volume down low because my family was in the next room ;-) ) but I thought the part in the credits about how you "thought that having my silly mug on here would ruin the intended effect of the video" was hilarious. I'm definitely buying more videos from you when I can get more money saved! thanks

meant to get back to you sooner and let you know how once again i enjoyed the videos (balloons 2000 and angelicas balloon assasination) i ordered. great to see some heliums/sprays make an appearance and the ladies weren't so bad either. interesting while watching those two videos to see how the quality of the vids and everything has evolved. and once again the accompanying balloons were a nice bonus...

I just signed up for the site the other day and have been looking around I really like what I see. I like that in most of your updates you show the model holding the uninflated balloon and that they are clothed. i like the fact they they appear to be real and not cheapened by standing nude pearing into the camera with the expression, "Am I doing it right?"

Hi,Mike!!!Just finished watching your latest Balloon Masterpiece,and I really gotta say:"SMASHING,BABY"!!!!!!(sorry,I just couldn't help Myself!!!)I enjoyed watching Angelica playing,and talking to her Balloons,and she is totally fearless when it comes to blow to popping!!!My two favorite scenes were first,when she blew up that 36in."smiley face"to popping(by the way,those are My girlfriend's favorite Balloons!!),and second was when she blew up that"airship"type to popping(that was My girlfriend's favorite part also,and I bet you can't figure out why!!!!!)Angelica kind of reminds Me of Kate Winslet,and I like her tattoo!!!!Once again Mike,you've turned out ANOTHER great video,one any Looner would love to add to his(or her's)collection!!!Oh,I almost forgot,thanks for the Balloons!!!!!

Hiya Mike & Sherrie , hope you are both doing well . The vid got to me in 4 days and for intercontinental that is pretty damn fast and I want to thank you for it !! I think that Ang has a Geordie accent and it is really sweet . . I f you can , find out if she is from Newcastle ?? I would bet that she is !! - is it worth a free vid !! (just joking) The vid is superb and is more than I could have asked for - Ang does the job extremely well !! The long dress and high heels made it for me !!

Hi Mike,
I received my order yesterday! Everything is fine. It´s the best balloon video (Great Balloon Party Crash) I have ever seen. Three beautyful ladys popping balloons in every way. I have to see the video more and more because with three ladys I didn´t know where I look first :-))) Mike you did a great job again and the dvd arrived me very quick!!!!Special thanks for the balloons you have send me!!

Skye and Vanesha-a Popper’s Paradise

I just got my copy of Mellyloon’s “Skye and Vanesha, Sultry Balloon Vixens”, and it is an inflator’s and popper’s paradise! All of the top-notch technical aspects that Mellyloon is famous for are here-digital mastering, very clean picture and sound, chapter titles, closing credits, etc. And we get 82 minutes of inflation and popping, brought to you for your viewing pleasure by 2 very sexy young ladies (How do you keep finding these ladies??)

Skye starts us off, dressed in a pink, low-cut top and a short, black slit skirt, using a pump to start and her mouth to finish a 16” clear-with-stars balloon. She completes the inflation as big as she can by mouth until there is no neck left to blow it with or to hold on to, and finally has to throw her body onto it to pop it. She proceeds to pop lots of other balloons, using her fingernails, sitting, squeezing, stomping, or letting “the little pump that could” pump it until it pops (otherwise known as “P2P”). Skye then goes off and changes into a red teddy and proceeds to inflate and pop lots more balloons. A light blue 16” Unique gets pumped part way, and is then finished off by mouth (“P2B2P”, or pump-to-blow-to-pop), and her portion of the tape ends with “The Red End”, where Skye Blows up a 16” red balloon, and sits on it to pop it. Well done!!!

Now it’s Vanesha’s turn. Dressed in a red top and denim mini skirt, this hot redhead tackles a clear, polka dot balloon with a combination of the pump and mouth, finally popping it with her nails. (Those clears are real tough customers!) Later, after changing into a nightgown,Vanesha does battle with a 24” clear balloon by asking the pump to “P2P” this one. However, the pump turned into “the little pump that couldn’t”.Vanesha loses her grip, and the balloon zips around the room making that lovable sound that balloons make when they fly. Undaunted, Vanesha takes the well-stretched balloon and gives the pump a second chance. The balloon gets huge and as clear as glass! Then, Kablam! The pump has redeemed itself! Vanesha inflates and pops lots of other balloons by every method in the book! Then for the finale, Vanesha pops a 40” (Yes! 40”) red balloon with the following combination: P2B2P2B2P2B2P.

This is a terrific tape for poppers and inflationists alike-don’t miss it!!

mellyloon is the best site out there

The way you take care about your customer`s problems is fantastic, thanks again.

Hi Mike,
the DVD´s arrived yesterday. That was really quick. Both films are fantastic, the fearless of both girls, all I can say is wow!!!! Especially Renee, when she blows to pop her balloons, it makes me crazy.
Mike you did a great job!

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to tell you how great the Amber's Balloon Antics DVD is (she is amazing), and also thanks for the extra special "packing materials." I'm sure this won't be the last one I order! thanks again,

Mike Awesome Videos... Amber is great! Great moves!

... thank's a lot for your site which is still the best on the net !

Excellent update this week. Especially liked the "Anglad" photos, with the lovely red balloon. Keep up the good work!

The tape arrived...Thanks once more and I think you soon hear again from me with a new order. Sure If you ever make it possible to come to Ludwigsburg, you can expect. That I would be your tour guide.

Hey Mike D.
Got my video today, I enjoyed it very much. You guys have very good service. I'm sure that I will be buying more videos from you. Thanks again.

Had a chance to see my new video, and as usual--check that--as always I was not disapointed! Both the girls and the balloons (plus the overall video quality) were great! I also enjoyed the various segment titles. Looking forward to ordering more in the future.

Video (and accompanying balloons, always a nice added bonus) arrived today--very impressed at how quickly they made it up the Turnpike!

I have enjoyed my first purchase from you: Liz's Bursting Love & Renee's Overinflation Rumble. Both really seem to enjoy what they are doing. However, I must say, the new clip from Amber blows them away (no pun) for effort. Liz and Renee are aluring and fearless, but Amber's massive lung power (you can hear and see it on the clip) takes B2P to the next level.
Keep up the good work.

The Video with Skye and Vanisha is really great and just love how they Pop the Balloons.I wish that I could write to Skye and Vanisha to tell them that they really great Popping the Balloons.
Please keep up the great Work.

This is another Mellyloon master piece. You have done another wonderful balloon video. Amber is a total tease in the video. There are going to be many wonderful nights viewing this video over and over again. Thanks again for another Mellyloon production. You keep making them, we the balloon lovers will keep on buying them.

The Video with Skye and Vanisha is really great and just love how they Pop the Balloons.I wish that I could write to Skye and Vanisha to tell them that they really great Popping the Balloons.
Please keep up the great Work.

Just recieved the skye and vanisha dvd. It was just fabulous. I also liked the surprise that you sent with the dvd.
Keep up the good work. You have an awesome website.

Video arrived yesterday, very impressive delivery time. As for the video itself, couldn't have been better!

The DVD arrived yesterday. All I can say is one word, "remarkable". Thank you again for your product and great service. Looking forward to future releases.

I would just like to say that in my humble opinion i think you are doing a great job with mellyloon.The last video I ordered (Liz's Bursting Love) arrived in amazing time for an overseas order, the actual website itself is very well maintained and by far the one with the most tasteful content.I have always wondered though how you get the models?! do they just come knocking on your door!?! and do they have to go through an audition process?..if so that would be interesting! :-)

Hey, mike Got the party video (Great Balloon Party Crash). Wow amazing . What else can you say?...
I really really really hope you guys do another one a part 2. It was great to see heliums used as well as normal balloons. Best balloon vid i've seen bar none .

She is simply AWESOME. No other word is sufficient.
Yours in awe,

I can tell you, that I´ve got the DVD with Skye and Vanisha on Friday. I can´t remember that I´ve received a video so fast after I´ve ordered it. Thanks a lot. Skye and Vanisha are great. Technical quality is again very good.
All the best.

Hi mike . got the video today . another great one from mellyloon . One that I will say is your videos have such a fun feel to them , and a honest fresh feel as well . You really capture the looning spirit . Great models with a fun approach to looning .
I have to say , from frazier to balloongirls and others ive scene, yourvids are the most fun and enjoyable .
Whats next down the mellyloon vid pipe line?... Also I really think , you should do a skye ... butt popping vid with helium balloons and reg balloons ... that would be a sure fire hit !. Thanks againfor the super fast service , and hope to see many more great vids in the future

Dear Mike & Sherrie - I dont know how you do it , but the last 2 videos that I bought from you arrived to me on a thursday morning and considering that I only E mailed you on the previous Saturday that is pretty damn good going , by anyones standards !!!!!!! I live in the U.K - so that is even better . The vids are Great although I havent been able to see them all through yet . ( I cant get that far - Know wot I mean !!) Liz is superb - - Just keep em at it and I will buy whenever I can !!!!
All the best and if I ever get to the States I will drop in !!
Best wishes from A Limey Looner - - -There are a few of us over here and a lot more that wouldnt admit it !!!!

Got the video (Sultry Balloon Vixens) the other day, and it has to rate up in the best ever done. Both girls do an outstanding job doing in there balloons. Vanisha rates up in the top five for my all time best girls in a balloon video. Keep up the great work Mike and company. My best video's are from Mellyloon. You know how to do balloon video's. thanks again.

I just got my copy of "Liz's Bursting Love 2" from Mellyloon, and I gotta tell you, it is a great, hot video. It's a popper's delight. It is basically in 2 sections. In the first section, she over inflates several large (16" to 20 or 24") round balloons. She is wearing a tight red sweater and a short black slit skirt (very nice combo!) In the best B2P scene, she blows up a crystal blue 20" Tilly balloon. When it finally explodes, there are shards falling for a solid 2 seconds after it pops. I actually measured the time on my VCR using stop action. I could not believe it! It was like a blue snow storm! There's lots of other inflation and popping action action as well, but that one really caught my attention. For the second portion of the video, Liz is wearing a "Teddy". In one particular scene, she is popping a bunch of balloons on the floor with her feet. Some of the balloons pop so hard that the puff of air blows the skirt of her Teddy up above her waist!! (Marilyn Monroe should have tried this). I've never seen that happen in any other video-it was great! The video is about 60 minutes long, and the picture quality is sharp and superb. I think Mike makes a digital master, so there is no graininess at all to the images. Liz is extraordinarliy comfortable popping balloons, and carries on lots of conversations with her inflatable victims. I love this video. It is a "must have" for inflationists and poppers alike. It will become a staple of my library.....

The video (Great Balloon Party Crash) started off cute with three mischievous young ladies looking inside an old warehouse to find it filled with dozens of tightly filled helium balloons. The comments made by the girls was great, normal responses to finding balloons, "wow, look at all these balloons", and "they're so big". All the girls are extremely cute. They start off right away playing with the helium inside the balloons, biting the neck and sucking out the gas and talking like chipmunks Liz does a nice rendition of a popular song in chipmunk (very funny). A few of the balloons accidentally popped when bit, then the teasing started, one gal would pop a balloon next to one of the other gals causing her to scream. A blow to pop race challenge was waged all three were winners when their balloons exploded. The sound on the video sounded like cannons echoing throughout the warehouse, a deep resonate BOOOM each time the balloons popped. A lot of the balloons met their end when the girls used them as cushions, the helium was utilized to overinflate a few HUGE balloons as well as the shopvacs to keep the supply full. Several balloons were overinflated by mouth which was amazing since a lot of these balloons were much larger than usual (over 24 inches). There was group hugs with the gals and balloons resulting in the unfortunate balloon getting hugged too hard...one scene, the gals took one cluster of huge helium balloons and had a pop feast which sounded like a war on balloons was waged with all the explosions. All three gals had a great time, some more than others and it was obvious! I wonder how their hearing was after this shoot? I give the Great Balloon Party Crash three thumbs up.

Hallo Mike,
Last Friday I´ve got the DVD with the new Liz-Video "Bursting Love 2". Thanks a lot for it. Liz is without doubt one of best balloon-poppers I have videos from. It´s fantastic how she pops the balloons in so many ways without any fear. You notice, that she has much fun doing this.
Also the technical quality of the DVD is very good and much better than normal VHS-tapes. Very nice also the Bonus-pics on the DVD.
All the best

After much thought of which balloon video to pick from, there are so many you know. I decided on two videos instead of one. The final two were neck and neck in my balloon ratings. For those who do not know of my rating the balloon fetish videos, it goes like this; One thumb up: fairly good effort, two thumbs up: nicely done video, three thumbs up: near organismatic.
The first video I viewed, was "Liz's Bursting Love". Liz is this very cute blondie with a very frisky playful personality. The video starts out with Liz coming in out of the cold weather to find her apartment full of balloons, both blown up and many uninflated balloons waiting for Liz's sweet breath to inflate them. Once Liz is over the initial surprise of the balloon filled room, she begins to add to the collection with blowing up a huge balloon that seems to take a few minutes, but she doesn't give up. Liz hugs the balloon hard, talks with it in the cutest friskiest way that is Liz. She spanks the balloon when it almost gets away from her and tells the balloon "not to be naughty". Finally, the balloon is almost the size of Liz, on one final huge blow, causes the balloon to literally explode in many fragmented pieces causing Liz to scream. From then on, Liz really gets into playing with the balloons, not just quickly popping them one after another, but actually holding them, hugging them with out breaking right away, but of course, they ultimately do die, but OH, how Liz does it. Liz begins to peel off her winter wear after playing with the first 5 or 6 balloons to reveal a very shapely figure. She straddles various sizes of balloons and bounces on them until they give way, stomps on a couple of balloons, uses pins, not afraid of over inflation at the least, and hugs without grabbing, a few balloons until they give way. After the first batch of balloons are broke, Liz slips into her pajamas for more comfort and inflates several more balloons, this time choosing mostly the HUGE ones, mostly popped by over inflation, and pin popping, Liz takes this one GIANT balloon, lays on it, sits on it, tries to break it by bouncing. That is one tough balloon; Liz finally shows who is boss by ending the balloons life with a well-placed pin. I loved how Liz talked with the balloons, teased them, and was actually very frisky with several I give this video three thumbs up!
I need to add the very imaginative way Mike and Sherry packed the box the videos came in... Instead of paper or bubble wrap, they put BALLOONS...lol
Nice touch.

I don't know, Mike...
You keep coming up with these gorgeous, beautiful, models such as Taylor, and you gonna force me to come to one of those buddies' get togethers just so I can plant a great big slobberly kiss on you, even though I'm a straight guy. You really haven't lived 'til you've been kissed by an ugly, 52 year old, bald-headed(yes, I shave my head)individual!
keep up the good work!!

After Viewing the previews of Liz's Bursting Love video, I HAD to obtain a copy of the video for myself.
Liz is this gal who has a very bubbly personality, talking directly to the balloons and into the camera as well. she is extremely upbeat, funny and what she does to the balloons.... MY GAWD... I have many videos bought throughout the years. Liz is the most cumliest of them all.(if that is a word...) She has absolutely no fear of popping the balloons, she actually hugs them till breaking, falls on a few, sits/bounces until they give way to her cute little butt. Never once is she at a loss for cute, sensual comments about the balloons and what she is about to do, or doing to the balloons. The "bad balloons" (that will not break right away) get a little spanking and scolding from Liz then, right after the spanking, get "loved" to death from Liz. Liz ends the video with a huge HUGE balloon. she lays on it, blows it up more..., inflates more, more, more... it just will not give way. Finally, after playing with the HUGE balloon long enough,(over 48 or 60 inches) she actually digs her beautiful claws into the balloon causing it to
explode. I give Liz's busting video my favorite "three thumbs up" she is definitely a natural talent with the balloons. On a personal note... Mike D. Could you please write/call Liz and let her know that I'm in love with her and would make her a wonderful husband? Only if it's ok with sherry...lol

hey Mike
Dude i would just like to thank you personaly i just got a copy of Renee over inflation and WOW man. What a DVD Mike i wish that i could have made it to the get together but i had to work...I just wanted to say that Renee has to be the most beautuful women that i have ever seen. The way that she pops those balloon with no fear wow. I wish that I knew a women like that. Please pass my excitement on to her. I am sorry to sound like i am rambling but just wanted to let you now how awsome that video is and how great you and Sherri are.

What a wonderful job you did on the videos that I ordered. They came in only 2 days since I live in PA. The quality is very good, and I plan on ordering more in the future. Keep up the good work.

I am a male looner. I love to busrt balloons and i love to see sexy girls like you burst balloons as well i just had to send you an email as i think your site is the best on the net.

Thanks for the un-believably fast shipment of my The Great Balloon Party Crash DVD, 1 week for international orders is amazing. I can't believe how much fun those girls are having. The video is outstanding, I will definitely consider purchasing some more mellyloon videos in the future as from what I have seen mellyloon videos are the best. My only point of critisism is that you don't provide more of the older videos in DVD format.

Last week I received two DVDs out from Mellyloon. "The Great Balloon Party Crash" and "Renee's Overinflation Rumble". I'm very excited that someone is FINALLY offering DVD balloon videos. I rarely use my VCR and 95% of the time it is to watch one of the balloon videos I have. The DVDs cost more than the videos, but IMHO it is worth it... the media (DVD-R) cost more than VHS tape and the editing requires more time. The picture quality is very good. Sound is also very good (listening with head phones).
Both DVDs are well done. Renee's rumble has a few extra's that are cool. One extra is a picture gallery of stills from the video. The other extra is very cool. It is a video clip of the best popping scenes (in my opinion) from the video. It does not have an indexed chapter selection, but it isn't a big deal since you can skip around or fast forward easily. Renee is very cute. I found her even more attractive in the video than the stills from the site. She giggles and talks throughout the video. Lots of overinflation... definitely a must for the inflation lover. Crash was a great DVD as well. This video lives up to all the reviews I read, AWESOME! These girls put on a great show, and look like they are having a fun time doing it. This DVD has an indexed chapter selection and a bonus containing 191(!) stills from the video. I hope Mike will continue to produce the DVDs, since they have better picture, sound and are so much easier to enjoy (no rewinding, etc.).

"The Great Balloon Party Crash" is absolutely great. I think, that DVD is the ideal medium for every kind of movie: small, with a fast and direct access to individual scenes and with a very, very good picture quality - all these feature are not comparable to the "old" video tapes.
Congratulations to your decision to copy the Mellyloon movies to DVDs.

I am happy. I do think you did a nice job with the DVD.

Got my Renee video today. looked at the first half of it so far. The video's just keep on getting better each time. Thanks allot.

I want the WHOLE Balloon communitiy to know that they can't EVER go wrong dealing with you!!!I have ordered videos from both Fraizer&Balloongirls(Both GREAT companys with EXCELLENT service)and I have been"Ripped Off"by both ******&******, but it is Mellyloon above all,that is the TOP Balloon Video outfit!!!!I am really impressed the way you treat your customers,and the way you take the time to listen to your MANY buyers!!!It is no wonder that Myself,as well as all the other Balloon lovers around the world feel the way we do about Mellyloon!!!!Mike,I really want you to print this E-Mail,so if there is someone out there who is reluctant to order one of your videos,they will know that you will treat them right!!!!!Oh,by the way,just one more thing before I sign off,just name the time,and I'll gas up My bike,and hop on the turnpike!!!!!

Dear Mike,Hi!!Well,I just finished watching Renee's Video,and to quote Tony the Tiger(My favorite cereal by the way...)"IT'S GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!!!!!Man,Renee handles Balloons like Shaq handles a basketball!!!!(And she's better looking too!!!)She is now,My favorite Balloon Girl!!!(Sorry Mel!!!)I really liked the way she blew up that giant white Balloon,all the way to popping!!!!Also,I really loved the way she caressed and talked to ALL of her latex friends!!!!This Video is an Inflationist's dream!!!If Balloon Lovers WORLDWIDE don't buy this video,well there NOT really Balloon Lovers,are they????Oh,thanks for including those two Balloons with My order!!!Imagine,a Balloon Video,with Balloons!!!!Who would ever thought of that!!!!Anyway,gotta go now,but to Me,you are the Steven Speilberg/James Cameron of Balloon Videos!!!Thank You

Mike, hey! yeah, i watched the video this afternoon. Sybil is cool, i enjoy the way she loves them up before she pops them. i kinda know how she feels- makes me a little sad to see a big balloon pop sometimes. dont know why. shes got a set of lungs on her, and shes a big girl. i was surprised to see her blow and bust those 24 inchers. most folks use pumps on them, but she went through them with nothing but her lungs. im impressed.

I had ordered a video from you guys even before you had any.  I just wanted to drop you a line on what a great job your doing.  Your site is far superior to the others.  Although, I'm sure you are making money which you rightly deserve, I know you are doing this for your passion and to
satisfy the rest of us "looners".  It's funny I feel like you guys are friends of mine.

I just wanted you to know...I just ordered and received "Balloons 2000". IT IS STUPENDOUS! It was everything I had hoped for and more. I can't possibly describe how positive my reaction was to my first viewing, and each subsequent viewing is even better.
I am just curious...since I have fallen madly in love with those three balloon-bustin' ladies, are they available to move to Utah and marry me? We could spend years together in balloon sessions like that! Of course, I will probably need my current wife's permission first...LOL!
Please tell the ladies that although I just discovered this video from last Jan 1, I enjoy it immensely and I loved the way those three angels enjoyed their popping session. My personal favorite is girls in high heels stepping on balloons and this video was chock full of that.

Hi Mike,
I just came home from work and I found the video (British Bum Balloon Burst) in my mail box, that was quick. All I can say about the video is WOW!! Watching Chanta almost gave me a heart attack. This is by far the best sit popping video I have ever seen, and I have seen them all. If I were you Mike I would sell it to the public without question. All you need to do is give it a good name.
How did you meet up with Chanta? I saw her in one of Frazier's new video. She was ok in their video, but she was so much better in your's. Hmmm, I guess your just more of an expert than Cheryl Frazier when it comes to making videos. Keep up the great work.

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