I wanted to take a moment and tell you about the new video from Mellyloon, "Renee's Overinflation Rumble." The video begins with Renee surrounded by a room full of balloons. Decked out in her sexy outfit and heels, she begins to squeeze and stomp several balloons until they meet their destiny. Throughout the video, Renee talks directly to the camera telling you how much she loves to blow up and pop balloons. Lines such as "Are you going to pop for me?", "It feels so good blowing these up.", and "You like to see these big balloons go bang, don't you?" are just some of the ways Renee lets you know how excited she gets when balloons are around. Filled with overinflation, this video showcases Renee's fearlessness when it comes to balloons. They are no match for her powerful lungs. To close out the first half of the video, Renee gets her hands on a huge white balloon. This scene is simply awesome. Get the video and see what happ! ens to this big balloon as Renee puffs away. The second half of the video finds Renee dressed in a skimpy negligee and heels and doing some vicious stomping using those spikes. In addition to more overinflation here, Renee also likes to rub the tight balloons and tease you right before giving it the final few breaths of air. Sometimes she just can't stand the excitement and has to use her nails to pop them. The second half also has lots more of sitting and squeezing to pop. Seeing her bounce up and down while resting her butt on those balloons is amazing. When they finally pop she lets out the cutest laugh, and lets you know that she loves doing it. Renee tackles a 24" yellow Qualatex and keeps blowing and blowing until the neck on that balloon gets huge. You can feel the tension mount as she delivers the final few puffs into that monster balloon. I think you can guess what happens next. To end the video, Renee goes o! n a literal popping rampage. She has to take care of all the balloons left in the room, so she stomps and squeezes them until there are no survivors. She playfully looks into the camera as she throws the latex shards in the air. I highly recommend this video. It has something for all---overinflation, stomping, squeezing, and, of course, the lovely Renee. What could be better? Check it out for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

I just saw the video today (Balloons Down Under), and i think it was outstanding.. Mel is a very hot the way she pops them balloons.. Im hoping mel can do some more sit popping videos soon.. Thank you for producing such quality and thank you for your prompt delivery..

I just finished watching the video I purchased last week from you (The Great Balloon Party Crash), those girls are amazing. I`m very interested in buying more Mellyloon videos in the future. I also wanted to thank you for the balloons you sent, I already blew 1 to pop while watching the video it got so big and tight I couldn¥t beleive it. What size are those? Ok gotta go, I hope we can keep in touch, Bye

Mike, The thanks are definitely for YOU! The videos I ordered are one thing, but I'm hooked on the gallery also. Where you find such pretty and talented models I'd love to know, but wouldn't ask to give away any trade secrets. I may yet find an excuse to get down to Philly to see some "live" action. Helium balloons and clear sprays are particular weaknesses for myself and I hope to see more videos and gallery photos featuring those in the near future if possible. You've got this new member hooked...

Somehow, every new model is more attractive than the previous one! :)

To begin with let me say that my wife is fully aware of my balloon interests but not always that eager to engage me in balloon activity. On the other hand she certainly does have her moments. She has also seen a few of the balloon videos that I have acquired over the years. She's not particularly impressed with balloon videos but, there is one particular balloon video that she does actually enjoy. That video is "Balloon Party crash" from Mellyloon. She was really laughing hysterically as she watched those three girls popping all those balloons.
About a week ago we had some friends over the house for a typical weekend gathering, a few beers, drinks, barbecue, etc. At one point in the evening someone was mentioning something about unusual videos and suddenly my wife turns to me and says, "why don't you put on that crazy video of those girls popping the balloons". I nearly fainted at her request, normally I would not think of putting a balloon video on for guests. As I went to get it i hear my wife telling our guests, ?"you gotta see this, it's so funny...".
Well, I wound up putting on the video and after a few minutes everyone was totally into it, really enjoying, laughing, and commenting. One woman said that it reminded her of the fun she used to have with her girlfriends in college. Another woman commented that the girls seemed to be having so much fun she wished she could just walk into the TV screen and join them. Several of the guys were most excited about the appearance of the girls themselves but they also agreed it was wonderful and a heck of a lot of laughs to see these girls having so much fun. All it all it was a success and I didn't feel that embarrassed about it at all. No, we didn't mention that it was a video made primarily for the fetish community nor that I have a fetish for this sort of thing.
So, that was my first real big experience showing a balloon fetish video to non-balloon fetish people. Who knows, by now maybe a couple of them have gotten into balloons themselves...

I loved Angelas sit n' squeeze video. The main reason I liked it is because Angela really popped by sitting ... she didnt cheat and pop with fingernails or pins. Thats a big turn off. If a girl is bust one with her rear, then it should be exploded with her butt, not fingernails. Im glad you feature true butt-popping.

I just saw a copy of Mike D's new video...TINA'S BALLOON TORTURE. It lives up its name. It contains most of what we like to see...blow to burst, riding to burst, fingernail burst, and stomping. Tina, a new member of the Mellyloon Family, has an awesome pair of boots. High to her calves, heavy soles. At one point, she proclaims they were made for stompin', and proceeds to demonstrate. Her attire throughout the video is very alluring. She begins in a bubblegum pink sweater, which she immediately removes to reveal a basic black ensemble. Throughout the video, Tina stops to chat playfully, sometimes tauntingly with her balloon "friends." She even begings by entering the room and addressing them as BABIES, something that really sets the mood for me. She immediately singles out a large jewel green Unique as her favorite. It assures the status of the balloon as privileged. It is a bit of a tease, as it almost gives the impression the balloon will survive the video. We all know better, don't we? Tina has a penchant for naming her balloons in this video. They become personal to her, to the point of her making apologies to some of her casualties before dispatching them. The most interesting part, for me at least, was where Tina selects two orange balloons...twins...and places one atop the other. She then lowers her shapely bottom on top and tries to ride them. Balloon physics invoke themselves, and one escapes its fate and makes a flying run for it. Not one to be upstaged by a balloon, Tina captures the runaway, and rides it to burst. She then raises her balloon destructive boot and delivers the death blow to its twin. Part way through the video, Tina changes to a long, slit dress. Just before the costume change, she works on a deep red Playloon. Alternating between a pump and blowing, she plays and watches as her victim gets progressively larger. She places a balloon on the couch at her feet, and rests her legs atop it. The Playloon continues to strain until it can't contain itself (or the air giving it a brief but wonderful life in Tina's hands) any longer. Of course, the balloon dies in pieces with a loud report. The tone Tina takes throughout the video is that of a cold balloon killer, veiled behind a loving gentility. She lulls her victims into a trust that she soon betrays as she sends each latex toy to its fate. The gentle touch of her hand frequently preceeds the evil of the claws that lie within reach of the tight latex skin of her friends turned victims. I think you'll enjoy it people.

Dear Mike, thanks for the very prompt delivery of British balloon burst to me !! When you said that it would take a week I thought that you meant inside the U.S.A. and not international . Usualy it takes about 21 days for a package to arrive from over there , yours took 7 days exactly and I am really impressed !!! The video itself is superb and I could not ask for anything more - except some more video,s which I will order in due course (cash flow permitting ).

Hello mike just got my video british balloon bust...great video....I also would lke to thank you for the free loon's that came with my video. But I really would like to say thank you for the way you sent the video to me,it was just like I asked with no kind of way to tell what it was...I appercaite the time you took to do that for me thank you so much...I'll be ordering this week again.....have a great weekend.

WOW! She's (Sarah) a knockout. I'm not sure where you're finding your models...but keep it up!

O.K. so Sarah doesn't have the cheeks that Gia, Angela, or some of the others have, but she is GORGEOUS. And you are right about Tasha, she does cute very, very well. But Sarah's sex appeal just jumps off the screen. I want to grow up and be you.

I just wanted to let you know I almost came through my nose today after watching some really spectacular videos. Yes sir, I got my pack full of nice balloons and some video tapes! Thank you very much!

Hi mike just received the first 5 ballon popping videos okay. what can i say, they are fantastic! A woundeful turn on as the balloons screech and squeek prior to them bursting, seeing the girls pop them between thier legs etc look forward to the other 2. Keep up the good work.

Krista is just painfully hot!

Hey! I thought I was the only one ;-) I just rejoined at Mellyloon's and the site just keeps getting better every time I resubscribe. Mike and the girls are the masters!

Mike, Sky has a sexy body on her. Sybil, i just love how she can blow up almost anything without using a pump. she is a big girl, aint no telling just how strong she is.

hi mike,my e-mail is working again so i can write to you that the Video Balloon Party Crash is great.I love the girls and these big Balloons.

I am really glad to see Mel back in the vids. She is so awesome. I believe it is partially because she reminds me of an old girlfriend from high school (20 years ago, I'm 39) but there is something about her that is so natural and comfortable that makes her incredibly attractive! I love how she interacts with her loons, and how she relates to the camera. Ow!!!

I just had a second viewing of my Mellyloon tapes, and wanted to again tell you how much I'm enjoying them. Pretty girls and pretty balloons make for a great combo. Early faves include Mel, Kayla and Angela...Angela seems like a kindred spirit in terms of my feelings about balloons and looning. I'm hoping to add to my collection soon.

Mike , Got my video yesterday,and just wanted to thank you again for your outstanding service. I would like to compliment Mel ,but there are no words to do her justice......She is absolutely gorgeous! She would be amazing even without the balloons,but to see someone like her who enjoys balloons is absolutely unbelievable! Please give my highest regards to this charming young lady. Best wishes to all,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the videos I ordered from you. From the promptness of delivery to the quality of the videos, I am complelely satisfied with my order. They are by far the best videos on the subject of looning I've ordered from anyone. You can be sure I'll consider ordering more videos in the future, and next time I'm in Philly, I'll keep my eyes wide open for your models and their balloons!

Those big eyes, bare shoulders, and the great shot of both cheeks, #18 in the Vanisha set is the best. Thanks, Mike and thanks, Vanisha! Keep up the good work.

First, I loved Angelas sit n' squeeze video. The main reason I liked it is because Angela really popped by sitting ... she didnt cheat and pop with fingernails or pins. Thats a big turn off. If a girl is bust one with her rear, then it should be exploded with her butt, not fingernails. Im glad you feature true butt-popping.

Have to say this week's update is possibly the sexiest sets of pictures I have ever seen! Your photo composition gets better and better. Superb use of lighting in Rene's set. One thing- I would really love to see #128 in Liz's set. Thanks!

Wanted to take this opportunity and let everyone know what a great site Mellyloon is.  I have ordered several videos from Mellyloon and I always get them within a few days.  Mellyloon offers superior customer service and the videos are of superb quality and content.  Their videos are a must for any looner!!  I also have had the pleasure of talking with Mike, Sherie, and Renee (one of Mellyloon's lovely models) and these folks are some of the nicest people I have had the chance to talk with.  I always look forward to chatting with them.  I would recommend Mellyloon to anyone.  It is, by far, the BEST site for the balloon enthusiast.  Loaded with wonderful picture sets and awesome videos........it can't be beat!!

I want to single out just one place for a little praise. This being Mike D. and Sherie at Mellyloon.com. I made an online purchase from them last week.  I ordered a couple videos on Monday.  I got e-mail back from Sherie that they would be shipped on Wednesday, and they were in my mailbox on Friday.  (At no extra cost BTW)  Of course the product was all I expected and more.  After all this, Sherie followed up with another e-mail to make sure I received the videos and that everything was correct.Well done Mike and Sherie!!

I just wanted to say...those videos you make....Mike you are going to put me in the poor house.

In looking at Mellyloon's most recent update it occurs to me that those of us who spent most of our lives looking for a good (any) source of balloon fetish photos are truly blessed. There are now several different balloon sites and video producers churning out regular updates for us. Most of the successful ones have been around for some time now. I wish I could afford to subscribe and buy from each of them, but my balloon budget just want allow it. These core producers seem to know their target audience and our likes and dislikes. It really shows when you see the "newbies" trying to enter the market. The models on these new sites all appear lost as to what to do with their small balloons. While at one point I would have salivated over any balloon photo, I must admit that I've been spoiled recently. Mike's recent update featuring Angela is a perfect example. The shots are well done, and the model is completely comfortable with the task at hand. The balloons gathered about this young lady are all large and of a kind favored by most balloon enthusiasts.

Oh my god!?That's the understatement of the year!!Now this is what I've been hoping for (The Great Balloon Party Crash).Three cute,beautiful things,a room,hell a warehouse of balloons,and boundless imagination!!Good lord,I could barley watch this.I literally would have to turn it off a few times.It was just too much.The only way to I could cope,was to convince myself that girls like those don't really exist..But how much can be acting?!There's no way!!!Marriage proposals come to mind.Fan clubs?Life long un-conditional worship..Of all three,there all my favorite.
Perfect movie.Especially the end."One more left".Then running out of there...
Ok,Mike D. How would you feel if you were "Pissed Off Guy" walking into that.I'd be on the floor alright.Out cold...

You are great photo master. I also like to make photo of balloons, but I know that it is rather difficult to make good picture of balloon. Semi-transparency and glare spherical surfaces are the most attractive in balloons. Your photos of girls with balloons are the masterpieces.

Just a note to thank you for your good work, especially the new Angela set. However, I also enjoyed some of Tina's set from a few weeks back when the balloon was so close to bursting that it was translucent. You really set up the photos well, like the hidden lamp appearing when a balloon popped. I don't know if this gets to be tedious for the girls- blowing so hard week after week, but this is something we don't get to see very often in everyday life. This has to seem strange to you; it seems strange to me that puffed up female cheeks should be so arousing. Anyway, please thank them for all the effort they put in order to make us happy.

I belonged to the Buddies List a long time ago I tend to visit Ka-BOOMs forum these days and keep in touch with other sites through "CHIPPLES" fantastic site. Pitty he is no longer around. Must admit I have been a member of a few of the balloon sites but nothing measures up to yours. The girls, the balloons and the quality are second to none. You know I said I was impressed with the speed I received the videos, well about 18 months ago I ordered one of the "other" videos. I must say the quality was good but it took over 4 weeks to arrive. When it finally did I had to pay £15 ($22) to the postman as they had stamped it wrong. I was not impressed. This put me off ordering anymore until the ones I got from you. I don't know where you find the girl from in the videos, they are so natural. Would love to be at any party they were.
Thanks again

First off, I want to say what a wonderful site Mellyloon is.  It is great to know a quality website is out there for us fellow looners to enjoy.   Mellyloon is by far the best I have seen, and I am going to join very soon. I am impressed at what you have to offer your members.  I recently purchased two videos from Mellyloon and they were outstanding.  I want to buy more, and was wondering if any of the ladies are available for custom videos?  I would certainly be interested in purchasing one.  Please let me know what kind of information you have regarding custom videos.  Keep up the good work, Mike.   It is very much appreciated.

received my copy of Great Balloon Party Crash yesterday, after only ordering it on Friday!!! I can't believe how fast it arrived!!!

I love ever single video you have ever done!!!  You are a true looner. There is not a single site on the internet that is better than yours. You beat them all by far.  I just have one question, how do you keep finding these awesome girls?  Do you give them a cut of the action or are they just friends of yours?  I mean you have consistently gotten the most gorgeous girls, not some good looking and some not.  I am just wondering, what is your charm?

Balloon crash
I love this video it has all. Three babes full of sex blowing inflating popping talking sexy even tho talking balloons aint my thing. MikeDEE has done it agian. He rules tha camerawerkz is good and some really good closeups of the babes and panning from one girlie to the other missy. the balloons comes in all zizes. Tyler is clearly the sexiest and most beautiful but the other blondie, not Liz comes in very close, almost a tie. she looks like Heather Locklear. very sexy. They´re so playful and full of sex it´s unbelievable.they made me leak in my underwear :) a new standard in the industry. from now on Mike must do it like this.

Got the videos yesterday. I was amazed they came so quickly 4 days from the states to the UK, WOW. They are fanastic, the quality is awesome, love the loud bangs on the "Balloon party Crash". Thanks again and keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

I received my copy of Great Balloon Party Crash yesterday, after only ordering it on Friday!!! I can't believe how fast it arrived!!!

Just received Great Balloon Party Crash today and already watched it. You guys seem to be producing better and better videos as time goes on. I will make this as short, I liked everything about the video. The girls, their outfits, the way they interacted with the balloons and the creativity of the video itself. It is one of the funnest balloon vids anyone can watch, Liz is the best.Hello Mike... Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate how quickly my order was filled. Mellyloon certainly provides superior customer service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thanks again.Mike D - you are a balloon avatar!!!
Thank you!!!

hey Mike thanks for thr fast fast delivery of the videos. I believe due to the proptness of the delivery I will indeed be ordering more videos from you. I have to say that's the fastest I have ever recieved my videos from any where. thanks again!!! they are wonderful so far.

Mike, that shot of Krissy is cute. the balloon shots i like involve women turning beet red trying to blow up a giant balloon. the balloon itself is great. the bigger and rounder the balloon is, the better i like it. keep the balloons big and round, and the women blowing. your site is great.

Normally I don't do video reviews, but I <b>HAVE</b> to say something about this one. I just received "Liz's Bursting Love" from Mellyloon.com and IMHO this one of the best balloon videos I've ever seen. The video features Liz, an attractive blonde that is fearless when it comes to balloons. Liz pops balloons in every imaginable way: blow-to-pop (my favorite), pin popping, sitting (and bouncing), stomping, squeezing, etc. She inflates balloons by mouth and with an electric inflator and the way she talks to the balloons is VERY sexy. She inflates and plays with many different size balloons ranging from ~12" to several feet, all of which get popped one way or another. She starts the video wearing a coat and then gradually stips off the coat and then her turtleneck for a sort of striptease (no nudity, but it wasn't missed). Damn she looks good in those jeans! She ends the video wearing a sexy pair of red pajamas. I'm looking forward to seeing more videos featuring this little hottie!

mike,Mike, MIKE! you've got a winner here....I can't say enough good things about the latest video from Mellyloon. Liz is incredible, IN-CRE-DEE-BLE! She pops all sorts of different size balloons in every method imaginable and she is fearless. The blow to pop scenes are my favorite, but she uses pins, sitting, bouncing, squeezing, etc. My only regret is that the video has an ending... I wish it would keep going on and on, or at least have a loop, so I wouldn't ever have to rewind it... but then I wouldn't go ever leave the house. =) Hopefully Mike D. will give me a good deal on another copy when I wear this one out!

OMG! Incredible. Liz is fantastic... I really enjoyed this one. Btw, I liked the comment about you hiding in the basement from the pops, I would've been down there with you buddy! LOL.

To all the ladies at Mellyloon (and you too mike). I am at a loss for words! Your balloon videos are fantastic. sorry it took so long to write. Out of the four videos that I ordered, "Angela's Sit and Squeeze" is by far the best video I've ever seen. I have almost a thousand dollars worth of balloon videos now and I think I finally got my money's worth. Angela, you are a natural, wow. I was so impressed by your preformance. I've ever wanted was a sit to pop video that actually had sitting to pop in it. You are a very attractive young woman and more young ladies like yourself sould take advantage of this opportunity. Oh and Liz, your video was stunning, please consider making more! It was a pleasure doing business with all of you, I will cherish my collection and I hope to add more to my collection soon. Thank you! thank you thank you!

I received "Liz Bursting love" a few days ago. I must say, that You didn´t promise too much. This video is superb. Liz is fantastic. Her conversation with the balloons is very funny. Many thanks, also for shipping the videos always reliable.

Just a quick note to say I got the videos today (my birthday!) - splendid as usual I like the credits "hiding in basement" really !! I know its hard but I don't know how you could have missed liz. ps do you think liz would consider marrying me

Thank you for the fast delivery, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Liz. She is the most gorgeous girl I think I have seen in any balloon video. One thing I am glad the video had was plenty of sit-popping, she is the best sitter I have seen, I guess it's the way she does it as if she was in a game of balloon bottom relay. I hope you make several more videos with her and maybe even do custom vids at some point in time. I would definately choose her to make a custom for me if she is available. Keep up the great work.

Wow, Destiny REALLY has THE LOOK.
She's really something, Mike...

Hey Mike,remember me?You know ,the guy who couldn't get his credit card right.The guy who ordered 8 tapes and couldn't find a way to pay for them.Then finally,when his movies are in the mail,he's still trying to find out what went wrong.That guy. Well, I'm finally over the initial shock of having my life long fetish displayed, over and over again,on my TV. Let me say this,first,before I go into any detail...All of the movies drove me absolutly bonkers!Every Mellyloon Girl stirs up such sexual energy in me,that I hate to give a review at all. With that out of the way,lets get on with the review. Mel's Solo Blow is what I was looking for.The way she get's so caught up in inflating,that she looses sense of how big the balloons can get without popping,that put me over the edge! In the movie The Inflation Duo,I loved the confusion of not knowing who to watch,Sherrie or Mel. In fact I can't make up my mind,solo blows,or multiple girls(like Holiday Triple Bonus) Either way,Mel's fearless approach to balloon popping always hits home. Now British Balloon Bust deserves a category all within itself(herself)When she spanked that balloon for not reacting to the inflator,I felt like I had been caught,or exposed some how.I never knew a girl could view balloons as such a living entity as I do.That was spooky! I still cant believe how many moments in these movies tapped into parts of my mind I've never shared with anyone. I don't want to forget to mention Sybil.That "Uh-Oh" look she gets when a balloon pops is priceless.So is the way she blows balloons as fast as she can. Camille,your absolutely beautiful,from head to toe. In Popping Comfort,I very much appreciated the part when she changed into short shorts.Nice thighs(and I mean that.)...My computer's wallpaper is a picture from the boardwalk shoot with those three girls you came across.That has got to be the sexiest concept I've ever herd of. Finding three random,cute girls willing to"race to over-inflate" right there on the boardwalk?!Unbelievable. If I was there watching that,I think I'd have to jump into the ocean to cool off.

I think I was one of your first customers.  I had ordered a video from you guys even before you had any.  I just wanted to drop you a line on what a great job your doing.  Your site is far superior to the others.  Although, I'm sure you are making money which you rightly deserve, I know you are doing this for your passion and to satisfy the rest of us "looners".  It's funny I feel like you guys are friends of mine.

Oww... Krista is SO beautiful it makes me hurt... Oww...You've got to talk her into doing a video. She looks like she's a great lady, with a tremendous sense of humor, too! I love that smile!

I'm sure I'm not the only one to chime in with my response to Mikes recent find{Krista},God mike,how do you do it?When are we going to see more of this angel sitting on and popping some nice big overinflated 16"uniques? Krista,you are such a welcome addition to the balloon community,one word to describe that wonderful smile of yours,Breathless!You are going to be very pop-ular,need I say more!!!

I had hoped/expected as much about Gia, as she definitely looks like she's just a really nice young lady who's having a blast, and who has every reason to be confident about her appearance. As for Angela, I feel she too has lots of untapped potential...I look forward to this next weekend's update, being that it will debut yet another pretty new face. You really have hit the motherload of beautiful balloon models! I would only encourage you to keep doing what you are.

First of all, thanks so much for your site... in my not-so-humble opinion it's got the best pictures and most worthwhile updates on the net. Great work! Question, though... and this may seem a little rhetorical, but I figgered it wouldn't hurt to ask... :) How do you blow your balloons so big?? Seriously: every balloon I see on your website is, first of all, large in size to begin with... 16" and up, which is excellent. Second of all, and the thing that makes your pictures so incredible, is that every balloon is blown as tight as it can get-- with a neck and everything, and obviously most of them survive long enough to be photographed. So, what's your secret? How do the women of Mellyloon blow their balloons with such long necks? Is there some secret inflation technique you're keeping from us? Clue me in here-- I can never get my balloons to look so good without popping them. ('Course, I don't have 16" Uniques either... those are some mighty fine balloons. I've had the 12"ers before, and I was impressed...) Keep up the good work!

I am very excited because I just received my first video in the mail. After some input here on the forum (about promptness in delivery) I decided to buy Mellyloon's Balloons 2000. Although it is not a new video and there have already been reviews about it I just thought that I would share my excitement.
I love Mellylloon and I thought the video was great with a lot of popping. I love the video. Thank you all for your input.

I'm very happy with my newest Mellyloon films. Many thanks for the prompt service, I received the package on 13th Monday. Special thanks for the carefully wrapping, the tapes are healthy arrived to me. At this moment I have 10 Mellyloon films, I'm very proud of this!

Just another WOW!!!!!, to say the least. Destiny has to be my favorite of all the model's for me. Hope she keeps on with you for a long time. She can't be more then 105 soaking wet...she can bounce on my balloons any day.

I just wanted to write and thank you for sharing the beautiful Ms. Gia with us. She does indeed have cute cheeks, both inflated and deflated! She's exactly the kind of lady we'd all hope to see at anyone's house party, and she knows how to dress for the occasion...Mellyloon is not anything other than the most consistenly reliable site for gorgeous girls who puff spiritedly on big balloons. You folks are clearly on the top of the heap in my mind!

My all time favourit balloon video is,without a doubt, balloons2000. I like (fast) high heel popping and other kinds of popping you might see at a party (cigarettes, hands, ...) by ladies dressed in (sexy) evening wear. IMHO there is not enough video footage around of this kind of popping activity. It has always amazed me yours seems to be the only balloonsite catering to this flavour of balloon popping.

I just had to write and tell you how perfect I think your boardwalk photo set was. There's nothing better than candid shots of some real live, beautiful women having a blowing contest.

I´ve got Angela´s video last Friday. It´s overwhelming, how quick orders are managed at Mellyloon. The video is at Mellyloons best, great action with a wonderful, very sexy girl. Wonderful these balloons in the second part, which get a superlong neck when Angela is sitting on them.

I received my copy of balloons 2000 today, thought it was a very fun video to watch and quite interesting to. Your service is also great, I can't believe how fast my video arrived, I wish all the other sites could be the same way.
Some time in the near future I will have you do a custom video for me, I'm just trying to decide who I like best for the video. Anyway, keep up the great work.

I just wanted you to know...I just ordered and received "Balloons 2000". IT IS STUPENDOUS! It was everything I had hoped for and more. I can't possibly describe how positive my reaction was to my first viewing, and each subsequent viewing is even better.
I am just curious...since I have fallen madly in love with those three balloon-bustin' ladies, are they available to move to Utah and marry me? We could spend years together in balloon sessions like that! Of course, I will probably need my current wife's permission first...LOL!
Please tell the ladies that although I just discovered this video from last Jan 1, I enjoy it immensely and I loved the way those three angels enjoyed their popping session. My personal favorite is girls in high heels stepping on balloons and this video was chock full of that.

...thanks for sending them so quickly. They are both very good, but Solo Blow 2 is still my favorite. I think I like Eva's better, particularly the 24" qualatex that wouldn't break.

MikeD,I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!I got My copy of your fine video today,and it was eveything I was hoping for(and them some!!!!)Looking very foreward to viewing ALL of your fine videos!!!!

hi there Mike,
how are you? i'm well thanks. i just wanted to let you know i recieved the videos today (big smile) that was really fast actually the fastest yet to recieve a parcel from the US. thanks for the great service Mike and i ll let you know when i have watched them.

I got the video on Satruday. This was the right one. And yes I like it allot. I like the way sybil talks to the balloons, and names them. She did a great job making it very personnel. I liked that allot. I'd rate this one a nine and a half. Another great job well done.

i finally did it again. i bought 2 more videos off you including the new one you just released of Angel. thanks for the great service and have a great weekend. i'm busy picking pumpkins all weekend.

... it was Angela video. Their was allot of sitting. which was done nicely. There was four or five times the balloons caught Angela by surprise when they popped. Those were nice spots in the video. Allot of bouncing, blowing, and of course popping. 1 to 10. I'd give it a 9. You could tell she enjoyed playing the part in the video. She had a good time playing with the balloons. That's one thing that I like about your video's I've bought so far. The ladies enjoyed their work. That's what us balloon lover's love best. Is the model gets into her work. They enjoy having fun with the balloons. On the others I have. The new year 2000 video. I'd give a 9 and a half. The Christmas video a nine. The picnic video a 9 and three quarters. Eve's popping comfort. a 9and 1/2. All your balloon video's I've bought so far are grade A. I've enjoyed everyone. All I can say is keep up the good work. I'll keep buying them. A very happy costumer.

Imagine my excitement when I found the package in my mailbox Tuesday afternoon. I could hardly contain my surprise that it would come that fast! Try ordering a custom video. The response is about that fast.

Guys (and Gals), I have to tell you about a great experience I just had recently. 2 weeks ago, I placed an order with Mellyloon for 2 videos, "Balloon Picnic" and "Balloons 2000". I placed the order on Friday afternoon. Imagine my excitement when I found the package in my mailbox Tuesday afternoon. I could hardly contain my surprise that it would come that fast!
But it was even greater when I plopped down in front of the TV and popped them into the VCR.....My God! The sight of all those pretty ladies overinflating and popping all those great balloons was awe-inspiring! I never thought that popping balloons in the outdoors could ever create that loud of a blast. It seems Mike is educating me as well as entertaining me. And as the other video showed me, I spent New Year's Eve at the wrong party....lol.
I grew up in the Philadelphia area. If I knew there were this many balloon-lovin' girls, I'd have stayed right there...:-) Thanks again Mike for another great job! Can't wait to see what you come up with next....giggle...:-)

I just received two Mellyloon videos, "Popping Comfort" and "Angela's Sit and Squeeze". Yikes. I haven't watched both of them all the way through yet, but DAMN!, I like what I see. Both Angela and Eva are sooo sexy, without looking like they are TRYING to be sexy (does that make sense?). I'm not a huge "sitting" fan, but I find Angela, so damn sexy that I couldn't resist. She looks like she is having such a good time, I only wish I could've been there in person. [Mike pleased tell me you will continue to make videos with her in them!!! =) ] These are the third and fourth videos that I've ordered and haven't been disappointed yet.

Brilliant as always, Mike. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful friends with us. I'm sure they'd each have something to say about just how "sick and wrong" our balloon interest is - NOT!

Hi Mike,
I'm very happy with my newest Mellyloon films. Many thanks for the prompt service, I received the package on 13th Monday. Special thanks for the carefully wrapping, the tapes are healthy arrived to me.
At this moment I have 10 Mellyloon films, I'm very proud of this!

Dear Mike:
I just had to write you a note to thank you for the awesome update this past weekend. Angela and Eva are absolutely the most beautiful blowers I have seen on the web in a really long time! They must be a lot of fun to work with - and I hope none of you really see it as work.
Take care all, and good luck in continuing to come up with great ideas for shoots!

Just to say great job as always. You have come across some pretty awsome women lately for your shoots. This has kept Mellyloon one of the top sites for me. All your work has been great. At this rate I'll be a member for a long time to come. thanks again. If I ever get to Philly some time. I'm for going to look up you and the mellyloon girls. One day I might have to. To see Angela and Destiny have a balloon blowing contest. Would be something to see. Well take care.

Hey Mike,
Jerry here,first let me say great shot,but I've gotta know,how and where do you get all these great looking women to pop balloons?Does Philly have the worlds largest balloon popping population of women?I need to get a job like yours,balloons,women who enjoy popping them,great locations,I'm trying to find something negative about this,didnt think so...
Take care,have fun and be safe...