Just tought I would drop you a quick email to say thanks once again. My balloons arrived this morning and they are excellant.

Mike, you are the BALLOONGOD ;-))You know, I will buy every DVD from you!Greetings from the cold Germany

hi Mike and Sherry
Today my order: Vicki and Tara´s Balloon Bash, has arrived me. Thank you! I had no problems with the delivery. My favourite are the nailpop scenes with this both models. With best whishes

Balloons 2000 is the most fun !! And as for heavens popping pole - again beautiful !! and as for our geordie lass !! Well , she was really special !! Angelica I think it was !! I am biased on that one because of the accent !!

Happy 7th Birthday Mellyloon ! 
Mike and Sherry , Thanks for all the hard work you have put in to making Mellyloon the success it is today You guys are great.

Hello again and thanks for the quick reply! As usual, your customer service/looner replies is absolutely top notch. Yeah, Bev looks fantastic and they way she interacts with the loons seems great. You just keep finding better and better models, don't you?:) Finally, congratulations on your 7th anniversary! It's hard to belive it's been so long, especially with an update every single week. I've been "on the scene" since '97 or '98, so I remember the beginning. The site was good right from the start and has only become better. Hope you'll keep it up for a long time to come!

Happy Birthday Mellyloon. We really appreciate your works duringthese 7 years and I want to make special thanks you and Mike to make me happy like the other buddies. I sure that this 7 year is only the start of another big period of looners dreams.

Hi Mike!
I recieved "Sammie's Balloon Salvation" this week and I just thought I'd write and tell you that I enjoyed
it very much! And thanks for the included balloons. Sammie's always been one of my favorite "adult models".

Hi Mike been a while sorry haven't been in contact didn't have any internet access for about 4 months. Any way got the don't stop till it pops balloons through the other time thanks there great haven't got round to inflating any yet but my wife thinks they're cool too and thanks for the speedy shipping time couldn't ask for a quicker turn around.

Thanks Mike...always great service.

I swear to god Mike I am in a comatosed state after 'watching' that Rene film, I have even converted it to 3gp to keep on my mobile phone so I can 'watch' it at work in my lunch break. Wow, what a film.  I shall order that Lynn film next (yes I have your Paypal details).  Another Rene film would quite possibly finish me off..

You definately have my future support.  Excellent customer service, I wish more people shared your school of thought; I am a currently going through a major battle with a guy who sold me a bad cell phone on E-bay, but thats a whole other story.  Thanks again

Hey Mike! Just wanted to let you know, I got the great balloon party crash video and it's so awesome!!! So are the girl's!!! Oh...and thank you for the balloon's w/ the video, they've already been popped!!!

They arrived Saturday night.  These videos are brilliantly concieved and perfectly executed!  They are so great and exactly as desribed.  I will be placing another order with you shortly!  Mike, these videos are exacly what I've been looking/waiting for!  Thanks for everything!

Hi Mike,
oh yes I´m more than satisfied and happy with the dvd´s. I wont let you know, that my favourite are Vicky and Gwen. Wow, I like Vicky´s eyes when she blow to pop. And what a beautyfull smile she had, before the loud boom came. Ha Ha ....she like the loud booom very much. And Gwen is so funny when she speaks about to pop balloons. Very naturally. I´m shure that you like to produce more with her. Isn´t it so?
The printed balloons are perfect. How do you print so clear and perfect. Compliments....the first what I did when the order arrived was, to blow up two balloons to the max and then I couldn`t resist to give them the rest. Of course, "don`t stop til I pop" is the only way to stop.....ha ha ...What a fun with the balloons. Thanks a lot, Mike. I hope you will never stop the good thinks in life.

Hello Mike:
How is it going ? I just received the videos; 2000 Balloons and The Man With The Balloons. Fantastic !!!!! Sherry can blow up some mean balloons. Thank you very much :) By the way, I like the "packing material" that you used.

I  was  dellighted  to  receive  your parcel   06.21. Thank you  very much for sending  fine goods  quickly. All  DVDs  are  wouderful  works.   Especially , Felisia (Vegas girl)  impressed  me very much  for her unique inflation:   pushing balloon powerfully toward ahead over and over. Besides,  I  am  pleased  with Gwen and  Katrianna (Vegas girl) ,  because  I  feel  them  loving  balloons of  blowing  to  pop. And  I wonder at great many patterns of  "scene changing" in Slide  Show. And  Ballon Buddies  baloons  are  easy to inflate and very beautiful for half clear and middle colors .

Hello Mike,
Your balloons are really delicious :)
Just wanted to say it !

I got the dvds on Monday as you predicted. I love 'em! Thank you so much.
You guys rock.

Hi Mike,I received my latest order a few days ago and all I can say is WOW!! Liz is an absolutely fabulous lady;what a popper and a comedienne to boot! Also she manages some spectacular B2ps;where do ypu find these ladies?Sarah and Heaven are equally excellent;you've made me a happy man!Having looked at your site again today I have a feeling that I will be ordering 'Vegas Girls' before very long.

The film arrived in 8 days to England, the quality of Liz's bursting love was of typical Mellyloon standard. Picture and sound better than a Frazier production. The film is truely fantastic, Liz who you all should know by now, is a 30 something drop-dead-gorgeous blonde.
The film starts with Liz entering the living room from a hard day out..she starts by inflating a pale blue balloon (20"?) to popping and looks like she is having a splendid time doing so. She gives plenty of 'eye' contact to the camera and certainly has no fear of balloons. Sitting, stamping on them, squeezing and popping with a needle and of course blow 2 pop is all seen here.
I need to mention the quality again, it is in a league of it's own, I received a tape from Balloongirls a while back (never again), at the end of a very poor quality recording of a not-so-hot model going through the motions in zombie fashion was half an episode of Miami Vice...
Ok, so back to the cute blonde, Liz has it all, she looks good enough for a Vogue covershot, personality by the bucket load and crickey is so good with balloons the tape will remain in my machine for a long long while.
The film is inexpensive for what you get, it is over 65 minutes long and never gets boring, quality is amazing, Mike you have done it again. Here's hoping the next 5 years are as successful for you as the last.
One extreemly happy Limey.

Hello Mike,
Received the film ("Liz's Bursting Love) this morning. Had a quick glance at it and first opinions are very good. Liz is really beautiful, easily knocking Sarah off my personal Mellyloon top spot !
Thanks again Mike, you should get an Oscar or something....

Hi Mike,
What happened?? You get faster and faster. I received the DVD I ordered on saturday right now! Thats quicker than quick.

Arrived today, well packaged etc. Thanks. Wow, balloon fetishists dreams are made of this!!

Got the order (4 DVDs) - many thanks - brilliant!!

Thanks for the "Darlene Balloon Ride Domination" DVD. It's a great video -- lots of sitting and sit-popping, which is always fun. Darlene looks great, too. Where did you find her??

Thanks- you folks are very effecient.

Outstanding job on the update! Thanks for all your effort.

Hi Mike,
I will let you know that both DVD´s arrived. Thank you for the Balloons!!! Great Films is all I can say. Dorlean is so sexxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyy! I wish I could be there when you produce a new film with her. But what would my wife say;-))

"ballon ride domination is greeeaaat"

Been a while since we chatted, just wanted to drop a line and let you know I received Darlene's latest video yesterday. That Darlene is really something and so is  the video, excellent job Mike!!

I forgot to inform You, that the DVD´s have arrived here about 1 week ago and that everything is ok. Very nice videos. Thanks a lot and congratulations for the 5-year-anniversary of Mellyloon. I´m also very happy, that Mel, one of the pioneers in the balloonfetish-scene, is active again.

congratulations !!! and many thanks for the good job. I hope the same for the next five years - or more.

congrats to mellyloon.. you guys deserve a pat on the back... mike I seen your interview on tv the other nite on the sex files show... about the site and what you do... kind of cool to see the person behind the show

Hi Mike,my names Tim and I live in England.Ive just bought my first few videos from you and all I can say is WOW! Amazing ladies,where do you find them?

Thank-You!!! I've had a busy weekend, but was able to watch the start of each DVD. And from what I've seen so far,They're GREAT!!! I'm looking foward to watching the rest of the DVD's! I do have to mention something about Sherie, She brought back memories of a former girlfriend that I was with about 5 years ago. Sherie could be her twin, Same face, Same body, Same accent, It was almost like '" De je vue" I would like to see more of her, and I'm sure that you've had many request to have her do a balloon video all by herself !!! She has the perfect butt for sitting on balloons. I would love to see her in a white full length slip,(just like renee's black slip) with a pair of full-cut nylon panties, then blow-up some balloons,tie them off, then sit on them exsposing her pantied front and back and pop them! Thanks again for the great work you doing, and let me know what you think about my idea about Sherie!!

Hey Mike.........maybe this is why your site is number one in so manys eyes? You have a great way of screening your models and its true what you said, if they arent really into it and consider it to be just a job then they arent worthy of being one of your models.....
Bravo to you and both of your sites Mike D.

The dvds were great especially the "balloon tag team" one.

It's not a secret that my balloon tastes run toward the products produced at Mellyloon. I'm a fan of overinflation and blow to pop. I also take every chance I get to stop off in Philly and help them with a shoot. So you're saying to yourselves along now....."He probably helped with the Dorlean shoot." Not so.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dorlean in May at Mike and Sherry's wedding. Besides being a beautiful young woman, she impressed me with her ability to kick off her shoes and pitch in and help with the things that needed doing. I found her to be intelligent, witty, and very funny. Of course all these things made it easy for me to make my next purchase of a balloon video. It had to be Dorleans Balloon-a-thong. Read on.......
Dorlean was the only "star." She needed no help. Dorlean changes outfits several times in the video and of course the "thong" will be a hit. I kind of liked the "checker cab" outfit myself. (yellow with checker board trim) She does in the balloons with several different styles. The first is some FEARLESS pin popping. Then she moves right into blow to pop......mostly by mouth, but with some pump mixed in. Any time the pump is used, she makes sure to hold the balloon close. More clothing changes and she moves on to squeezing. After that she does sit to pop for what seems like an hour. I keep thinking of the word "Fearless." Dorlean has a smile on her face the whole time and seems to really enjoy what she does. Video and sound quality are very good. Editing is done so there is no lag in the action.
Just as a side note...... Mike D. talked me into trying a DVD this time. I'm an old VHS fan. As I go kicking and screaming into the next century, I will admit the features of the DVD are nice. On a scale of one to ten, I give it a strong 9.5.
Well done!

Hi Mike, I just finished watching the New Breed video. It's a great behind-the-scenes type of video that shows what the models are really like. I especially liked the public blow-to-pop scenes, with the spectators' comments...wonder if those guys were looners to begin with, or became looners after what they witnessed. I certainly would have liked to have been there myself. Another thing I noticed was that in Angela's clip, she was noticably more shy and reserved than what I'm used to seeing. I would love to see more early clips of her, to see her blossom into the merciless balloon popping goddess that she is today.

Hey there Mike, got the video today, watched it and it great, Angela is one crazy, fun brunette, and she loves to pop balloons...hope to order more soon...

Hi Mike,
The vids arrived on Wednesday and were superb, too early to say which are my favourites but I am happy
with them all, not over produced, well directed and fun!
Yours gratefully

Hi Mike,
thank you. Got the dvd ("Renee's Overinflation Rumble). The dvd is great.
greats from germany

Hey Mike! Got my video! I love it! I did get it yesterday, and as soon as I heard the postman jiggle the mail box, I was right outside to see if my video was in there, and sure enough, there it was! I took it right back in the house, stuck it in the VCR, and watched it 4 or 5 times in a row! Watched it again this morning, too!

I recieved the DVD for Heaven's Popping Pole and I enjoyed it very much. I look forward to ordering more videos from you. As I posted in your Yahoo group, I would love to see her lung action against the "Popping Psychopath", or Renee as you call her.

I have one of her (Renee's) videos... she's awesome.

Hi Sherry and Mike:
I received the video ("Darlene's Balloon-A-Thong) and other stuff yesterday. After watching it,all I can say is Wow!!!!!

the tape ("Mellyloon, A New Breed") it was a blast..seeing something from the past like that ... ive heard alot about the scene and was curious ..im glad I got a chance to see it .. thanx again for your kindness the video was a great idea , to show behind the scenes footage , I hope you plan and doing more along those lines ..

Dear Mr Mike D.,
I have received your package today (thursday). First of all thank you for the rapidity and quality of the service.
The three videos functionned without problems. The three videos are great and fulfilled all my expectations. Most I like Angelica's videos. She is a very beautyful woman dressed in a very nice dress. The way she popped the balloons with her high heels is what I wanted to see. Balloons 2000 is a very funny tape and as mentionned above I like high heels popping. The balloon crash is a video where everyone can find something. Thus to come to the conclusion I am very happy of the package and I will probably order some more.
Great work and best regards.

I admit ... you are the best in this business

I recieved the dvds Saturday morning. Great, Renee is especially sexy, would like to have some balloon fun with her. Does she do any more dvds? ... I,m sure I,ll be sending for some more dvds in the near future.

thanks for one of the greatest pic-sets ever this week. ann and her pink 24"
qtx are most amazing !!!

I can see why that was one of the best selling videos ("The Great Balloon Party Crash"). I pulled it out a couple of weekends ago and watched it. I had forgotten how great that one was. I rate it right behind Angela's balloon room as my favorite.

you run great sites and your reliability is terrific. I really appreciate it --

I am writing to let you know that the videos arrived this morning (Wednesday), and I have just taken a quick look at them, and they are really great. I just cant believe how Rene managed to overinflate that 5 foot balloon (she is really unbelievable - please can you let her know that I really love her!!!!). I will definitely order more balloons videos from you in the future. You over such a great service, and the balloons packaged with the balloons was also very nice. I will certainly have fun inflating them later.

Once again many thanks for the great videos and balloons. I really do enjoy subscribing to the Mellyloon site, and also look forward to the updates each week. Keep up the good work. Bye for now.

This is one of my favorite videos ("Southern Balloon Comfort")... these girls are very cute and look
like they are having a genuine good time.

Thank you very much. Saturday, your DVD and fun balloons arrived. I always look forward to because you make the opening which elaborated ideas for your video each time. This time, I remembered SF movie like " The Star Wars ". Then, Sarah popped balloons as my expectations. I like that a lot of balloons are used with your products. I am hungry for the enthusiastic your products still.

I forgot to tell you that was a nice touch, including two huge balloons in with my DVD order. I quickly found out how big they would get...

I received the videos right on time. You have done a nice job on the production. Darlene's Balloon-a-Thong and Angela's Popping Sensation are great!

Thanks for the prompt service! Looking forward to the videos.

Recently I purchased your DVD, "Heaven's Popping Pole", and on a scale of 1-10, I have to say it is a 10 or as close to it as possible. She is just amazing at B2P. I was wondering if you have any plans for more videos featuring Heaven, especially featuring her blowing to pop balloons? This has to be one of the best videos from Mellyloon you have produced. Great work!

I have this video too (Sarah's Balloon Sensation)... Sarah is very hot. I enjoyed this video and
hopefully Mike and the Mellyloon crew will use her in a upcoming video.

Sarah's Balloon Sensation
This DVD is primarily a B2P DVD and Sarah does an awesome Job. There is a lot of fingernail and feet popping. But if B2P is what you like, than this DVD would be a great one to have. Sarah is a fairly tall young SEXY blonde and an impressive bust. She is also fairly fearless with the balloons but does flinch, like most of us do. The DVD is completely shot in a hotel room so you get that close and cozy feeling and Sarah works that very well. Sarah begins with a VERY large red balloon and when she puts her mouth to it, she makes you think she is mouthing something else most of the time. As she blows this HUGE red balloon up she pops other 20î balloons along the way with her nails and her high heel shoes. The dress she is wearing is something very close to a one piece mini skirt with dark black panties, which shows off her very shapely butt. Sarah moves on to some other large balloons to B2P to include 16î sprays. Sarah begins to blow up a teal 40î by the pump but decides to pop it by sitting and bouncing on it. After the teal 40î she goes for a red 40î balloon after which the DVD changes to a photo shoot DVD. This is also very nicely done and you get to see Sarah in several more outfits. What I liked the most about the DVD is that Sarah blew up many balloons without holding the neck. She just held the balloon and as the balloonís neck bulged out she just kept hold the balloon itself and BLOWING!!! Near the end Sarah blows up a huge crystal blue balloon all the way and it gets VERY big before it pops!!! Again this DVD has a little of everything but it is mostly a B2P DVD that Sarah does a WONDEFUL job with. Buying this DVD was more than worth the money.

Hi Mike,
Already last Tuesday I got my DVD's, no problems. Thanks for the fast Delivery.

Thank you! Your videos are the BEST!!! :)

I just recently got Southern balloon comfort from <http://www.mellylon.com>www.mellylon.com and it is awesome!! This DVD has something for almost everyone. There is B2p, sitting to pop and stomping as well as over inflation. These two lovely young ladies do a VERY good job on the helpless balloons. At this time I can't remember their names but one of these ladies rides a wonderful 30" pink balloon for all it is worth until it can't anymore. Aslo in this DVD both of these ladies ride a huge 50" green balloon trying to pop it by bouncing on it together!! That was worth watching over and over. This DVD is well worth the price and the extra snap shots on this DVD captures alot of good shots that might be missed watching the DVD. If you don't have this DVD you should get it, you will be glad you did.

To anyne who might be interested? I just purchased 4 DVD's from mike and the first one I watched, really surprise me. Darlenes balloon a thong is outstanding in almost every way. First Darlene is a VERY shapely young lady with very ample breasts without being to big. Second she is FEARLESS with balloons and she does some things where I thought she may have hurt herslef but just laughed and kept going!! The DVD starts out with Darlene in a yellow string bikini that she wears VERY well and a PIN and a room full of 20" balloons or bigger. Darlene pops them in varoius ways but almost always very close to her if not touching her. Darlene puts the pin in her mouth for popping balloons many times, some of them actually touching her face as they pop. Eyes open and just waiting for the bang!! The second section of this awsome video goes into a riding fest on a chair. Darlene puts the balloons and pops the balloons where most of us guys would loved to have been!!! quite a few times the balloons just would not pop and when she gets tough with them she winds up hitting the chair with some force and jut smiles! And she has a great smile! Near the end of this section she has a RED 24" qualatex that she rides and plays with like it was her lover until she bounces it to death. but it was a very lucky balloon until it popped. what a way to go. In the last section Darlene does a couple of different things from stepping on the balloons to inflating them to death with a pump. Keeping them close to her until they can take no more and explode. All through the DVD she does talk to you but in a good way and she was a very nice voice! This DVD was well worth the money and can't wait for her to make another. when she does I will be buying it as soons as it goes on sale. After watching the movie watch the slide show! Just see in her face as she plays with the balloons is well worth the time to watch the slides go by. If you like balloon popping by a BEAUTIFUL BUSTY FEARLESS BLONDE than this DVD is for you! you will not be dissapointed! Granted this is just my opinion, but it was a GREAT DVD!!!

Hi Mike,
dvd arrived today - thursday. plays on both pc and my dvd player fine. .. the content for me is spot on!! - as I thought it would be from the previews. Love women who seem completely unphased and almost indifferent to even the biggest balloons. Heaven fits the bill big style - great bod, way cool. When I get to the US youll have to let me know where she works!!??.

Thanks again for the very efficient service - Ill keep looking for more "unphasable" women in future vids/dvds.

Hallo Mike,
the DVD is already here. A new example for Your excellent and quick service. Heaven is fantastic, a really fearless btp-girl. Thanks a lot and best regards.

The DVDs are great!! That Darleen is awesome. I like the interaction that she has with the camera. She is very sexy. The only suggestion that I could make (not that the film is not great) is that it is broken up into distinct segments like the pin segment, the blow to pop segment, the sitting segment etc. I guess I like to mix them up like in the other DVD that I got with Sarah in it. But that is just me. By the way the DVD of Sarah is awesome too. Keep up the good work!

Hi Mike,
All I can say is: I'M IN HEAVEN ;-)) You know that song!? Heaven is a really beautiful girl. She looks like an angel and she absolutely fearless when she blow to pop the balloons! Mike, you make a really really great video ("Heaven's Popping Pole"). Hope you will never stop producing videos and your both sites will ever exists.

Hi Mike, the DVD arrived today. That was very very very fast. It took only 4 Days (to Germany)!!!!
Thanks alot!

Mike and his models have 'sorta' helped me realize my dreams. At least visually that is.

Hi Mike,
I've just finished watching "The Great Balloon Party Crash". I loved it (just like you said I would). In my personal opinion, I truly believe that Mellyloon titles are well worth purchasing. They are the best balloon fetish videos by far. If you feel that you would like to post any of my comments onto the site then please do so because I will take much pleasure in reading them

Angela's one of my favorite balloon models. She has this natural ease when she's around them and a great chatter. Too much talk out of balloon models can be a turn-off to me...in particular if it's forced or unnatural. I agree...her dialogue (or is it monologue? Not too clear on that...) with the camera in this video is nothing short of erotic. She can talk dirty without talking dirty if that makes sense, lol...and the whole time I'm watching her video I could swear that she's talking directly to me. There is no possible way that this girl is not a true looner. Oh, and the way she can claw through an entire bouquet of helium balloons in record time with one hand leaves me panting every time.

This is, by the way, a great video ("Angela's Popping Sensation). If you're into popping that is. Angela's one of my favorite balloon models. She has this natural ease when she's around them and a great chatter. Too much talk out of balloon models can be a turn-off to me...in particular if it's forced or unnatural. Angela's one of the best. As I commented about one of her older tapes, Angela's Balloon Room, or something like that...."she should be an actress"

Hallo Mike
A few day's ago I recived the movie Balloon-Kill. It's a big plesure to watch the Girls having fun celebrating a Balloonparty!!!!!!! I enjoing the video very much - looking foreward to see what's next...Keep going!

Received my order this morning Thursday, excellent service! I now need your advice on a Looneynude B2P type DVD. Thankyou very much for the surprise balloons are they unique's?

Today is 23 and they are just arrive, so thanks for everythings as always!!! They are absolutly amaizing!!!!!!!!!! I really apreciate your bussines!!!!!! The girls are fantastic!!!! I lovethem!! We keep in touch! Thanks for everthing and best regards!!!

I received the tape (Sarah's Balloon Sensation) some days ago, really nice girl, thanks you.

The DVD with Monique is great! I like her. She is very beautiful!

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know I got Angela's video in the mail today. I skimmed through it and so far it's the best balloon video I've gotten period...Angela is simply amazing. I'll watch the whole video this weekend and write a review for your site then.

Thanks a million Mike and I will be ordering another video soon as the last
one has given me much pleasure.

Take care and if I can ever do anything for you let me know. Thanks for the awesome DVD and the loons with it

Darlene's video arrived in mega quick time as normal (unlike other unnamed sites).
Darlene is a lot of fun to watch,  not only is she a fearless popper; but she takes it to the extreeme with her blow to pop and pin popping spree. She gleefully pops several rather large balloons with a pin in her mouth and keeps her eyes open the entire time during a blow to pop !, balloons just don't bother her. The film is split into 3 parts, a pin popping/stomping part, blow to pop and inflate on pump to pop segment and finally a sitting and squeezing part - ALL TRUELY EXCELLENT !!.
The sound and picture quality was amazing as always (note for "un-named site"- Mike's tapes have no distortion or picture roll- try using a good quality tape you tight git). Everything about the tape was really good, the model the decor the sound the picture - THE PRICE !!. Another thing about this film is the vibrant colour and sound quality for a TAPE I could not believe I was not watching a DVD !!. Darlene, obviously had alot of fun making the film, it showed - get the tape, you WILL BE GLAD YOU DID.
Another winner from the Mellyloon crew !.


Hi mike, ive watched the new angela video, my comments are - should be called , angelas balloon room directors cut .. just great stuff, more of her balloon room video, with major improvements .

Hallo Mike
'Cause I'm so happy abaut Your Balloonmove I just ordered 2 more. Looking foreward to recife them!!!

Loved Angelas latest video. Mate she is just awesome. I hope we see a lot more of her in the future.

Words cannot adequately express just how attractive Parker is. Without the balloons, she'd stop me dead in my tracks. WITH them, she's unreal. She goes on the short list with Kayla, Tasha and Krissy.

Hi mike , got the video last week , was very busy didnt have much time to write .. just wanted to say another great mellyoon production , and again thanx so much for the extra TV footage.. you guys rock . also seen you have the new website open . I will check some of those vids out as well, I wish you the best of luck with the new project and of course mellyloon as always . should be ordering some stuff in a week or 2 .. thanx as always for the quick shipping as well.

Thankyou for the Video ("British Bum Balloon Burst") and that was very fast!!!! I got it on Saturday and its one of the Best Sitting to Bursting Videos that there is as she really put alot of effort into the Busting even as far as Busting the Chair!!! HA! HA! Alot of the other Videos I had seen in the past did not do much for me as most the women in some Videos were afraid of the Bursting and or intimidated by the Balloons! I liked this Model as she was very brave and seemed liked it was all fun for her!! Great accent too its not the typical American voice so that was a nice added plus!!! Its one of the few Videos that I had to rewind to see a certain scene again, I am a great admirer of Women sitting on Balloons , I think some other angles would have been a nice touch or even some close ups! Like all Balloon Fetishers we keep wanting to see more and more and before you know it we would be requesting front row seats at the Filming! HA!

I like many of the Mellyloon models as they feature that 'girl next door' look.

And I might add to all those contemplating Mike's latest Angela tape. A word of warning....
If you are bothered by a lengthy tape of a pretty girl destroying a room full of balloons don't buy this tape. Don't even think about sending Mellyloon your money if you have problems watching this young actress break dozens of large helium balloons.
Angela starts this video by bursting out from beneath a sea of large balloons that are piled waist high on the floor. Knowing she's going to eventually pop them all drives you crazy. Or at least me. The ending is dynamite. If you really like helium balloons and don't think you can bear to watch a huge bouquet destroyed...stay far away from this tape.

The vids you guys are producing are looking better and better :)

Extremely dedicated and always full of variety from what I have seen from the pix! 4 year - that is something! And it is growing. Hell, at this rate you might IPO!
Good work Mike and many thanks!

I got the "Sarah" video today. How did you get it from One coast to the other so friggin' fast. I'm very amazed with you guys.

Sarah is truely stunning and VERY at home with Balloons, not only has she the longest legs I have ever seen, but the most talent on a Mellyloon video yet !. She is a totally fearless popper, you get to see B2P, sitting, squeezing, stamping all in 1 brilliant film. It is an absoloute bargain !, $25 for the video - excellent quality and only 4 days to get to England. This is a REALLY good film, I would recommend this to anyone, it truely is THAT good. Another quality film from Mellyloon, FANTASTIC (and WOW those legs !!!!!!!!!!!).

I have received the DVD on Monday. I was dead for the last 4 days after looking the new DVD. That was the hottest DVD I have ever seen. Darlene is such a sexy cuttie!!!!! She looks beautiful in her bikini. And she is so fearless btp the balloons. Hope to see more of those videos:-))) Mike, you and Sherie you did a really great job again, and again, and again!!!! Thank you for such a Video and also thank you for the balloons you have sendme!
Greetings from Germany

Just want to let you know that I received the videos today with the rest of the mail. WOW!!! , talk about fast turn around time.

Seen all of Darlene's video, as the other it was wonderful. This is looner paradise watching all the Mellyloon
video's I have from you. This latest is a must for all looners. The sitting will keep any setter happy, as for the b2p lovers they are covered also. In the end the way she hugs the balloons to pop. That was the best yet, she knows how to please us looners. It did it for me. All of your video's just keep getting better and better. Instead of picking which one I love the best, it is simple to say that all your video's peek my interest. Just keep up the good work Mike, Sherie, and all the rest at Mellyloon.

I was able to watch Talia's balloon thunder tonight. Yes she is another beautiful lady doing what us looners love. Pop balloons in ways that will always get the blood boiling. You have another hit on your hands Mike. What is not to like about this video. To put into words, wow will do just niece. The b2p is breath taking. I don't no where you find these ladies, but please keep on finding them. I will check out Darleain video tomorrow after I catch my breath again. Thanks Mike for another great video. Plus to all the others at Mellyloon, who help with the work.

Have got the DVD today and am enthusiastic. This is the best video I have this got of you till now! Kiana is wonderfully Asian and full of energy.

Dear Mike,
The Kellie and Krisie video was absoloutley fantastic, both girls are truely beautiful. The quality of the tape was really good, the lighting and sound on the tape was about the best I have ever seen for a home made production.
This K&K video is the best in my extensive collection, amazing delivery time as well - under 5 days from shipment to delivery ( England). Either girl would have made a welcome notch on my bedpost, Kellie especially is model quality, she radiates a really happy go lucky sort of flare that shines through on the video. I really could not fault this film at all, really fantastic price, fantastic models, great delivery time, Mike please keep turning out films like this; I shall be ordering more films VERY soon.

i had a chance to see the video. its everything i expected and more. good stuff. wish i had youre job....lol...worth every penny. very soon im gonna go 4 another one.

As gorgeous as ever. This fantastic lady (Mel) could be a top model. She is just so beautiful!
Nice one Mike. Thank you for sharing.

Got the package yesterday, thank you very much. The Skye section and Amber videos were fantastic.

Dear Mike: We saw the dvd´s with my wife...and she liked it very much!! I would like to say , that you are making a fantastic job with those videos and DVD´s!!! They are absolouty amaizing!!!! So keep going !!!!

I purchased the dvd (Talia's Balloon Thunder) on wednesday and by tuesday it had arrived all the way to the cold and rainey shores of limey land. The star of the production, Tailia; really is a beautiful young lady in every sense of the word !!. This is one dvd you will find yourself watching time and time again, she truely is amazing, she is not fazed at all by the balloons accidentially popping or when she over-inflates or stamps upon or pinches them !. The balloons are of a variety of sizes, mainly 16" +, she dispatches them with considerable ease, this was a fantastic production and her dialogue throughout was supurb. 10 out of 10.

Hi Mike ! My name is ... and I'm a looner from Germany. At first, my English is not so good. So I hope that you can understand what I write. All videos that I've ordered arrived quickly at my home. They are very good !!! Thank you for that !!! Thank you also for the balloons that you put inside the package. Very nice !

I have a lot of fun to see these videos.....WOW !!!

Hi mike, Sorry for the delay I have been in heaven, Christmas came early!! Perfect choice for the suprise - thankyou. I will send a fuller critique when time allows, just to say the BTP race in party crash 1 is most
definitelythe sexiest thing I have experienced in my entire life - and I have not yet recovered!!

Hi. Wanted to let you know I got the dvd this afternoon. It was great. Krista was great. Keep up the good work.

Hey Mike: Just to let you know that my order arrived today in excellent condition. Was surprised to see the free bonus (balloons). Thanks again. Now to find the time to watch it.......

Well I got your DVD's today, they were great! You and Sherrie certainly do a nice job putting outone great video after another.

Today , I received the video and the DVD......I have to said that they are amaizing!!!! The video works very good but I like the cuality of Image of the DVD!!! Also I have to tell you that I´m in  love with with Brie and Krista!...they are wonderfull! Thank you for the balloons I will try to popthem quiet, because I live in an apartment...jajajaja! once again thanks for everything!!!

OMFG!, I am awestruck Mike! Your catalog just keeps getting better and better!!! I can't wait until I can order this new video. WOW! (I gotta free up some space on my credit card first.) By the way, I must apologize for not complimenting you and your ladies on the last two videos I ordered from you. "Southern Balloon Comfort" and "Krista and Kellie's Balloon Kill" Both of these videos are fantastic! The models are stunningly beautiful with awesome bodies and fasionable wardrobe. The balloon selection and methods of inflation, play, and popping are always great. Plenty of unscripted action and there is something in it for everyone. The videos arrived promptly and the enclosed balloons in each box were a nice touch. That just about sums it up.

the DVD with "Krista´s and Kellie´s Balloon Kill" is here. It´s again a very nice video and You know, that Krista is one of my favourite models from Your site. Thanks a lot - also for adding the 3 unique balloons - and have a nice weekend.

Dear Sir Mellyloon.com Today has been arrived a video. It's pleasant to see this video Thank you for everything you did be for the kindness You helped me a lot when I was in trouble, Thank you...

The DVD came today and is really good. The production quality is very high and Krista and Kellie are fun to watch. I'd definitely like to see these two again! And the highlight for is still Kellie yelling, "Blow it Up" over and over again. Thanks for putting the two balloons in the package...what brand are they? They seem quite soft.

just wanted everyone to know , I check out the new mellyloon vid ..kristas and kellies balloon kill . this one is just awesome , mellyloon just keeps churning out great vid after vid. there 2 girl videos are awesome ... just good clean balloon popfest . in this latest offering , BTP fans , as well as sitting fans will be treated to a great popfest . both girls are fearless and appear to be having great fun . I would love to see these 2 back again in another video. right from the start of the video, the girls go on a all out popfest .... if your a fan of mellyloon vids , or just vids in general you owe it to check this one out ... shipping was spot on , as always with mellyloon..

Just to let you know Mike. Your latest video,K.+ K. balloon kill. It is up there in one of your best. Those two ladies really put on a show for us balloon lovers. It is worth every cent, and then more. You just keep on topping yourself with better video's. Great job. Now on your new find, Talia is great. She is one beautiful lady. I don't know how you keep on finding these great woman, But my hat is off to you and the rest of the staff there at Mellyloon. You run a great site, which will be enjoyed by true looners for years to come.

Just received "Krista and Kellie's Balloon Kill" and this is now my new favorite video. Wow! Not only are these girls gorgeous, but they are fearless. I'm not going to go into detail, but if you like the clips and the preview pics you won't be disappointed. Hats off to the crew at Mellyloon for another awesome video.

It.s Luca from Italy. This friday I receive the videos, (9 days only...a record WOW). Thanks so much also for the two balloons you put inside... ( I increase my collection, cos I'm a non popper and love collect all typer of balloons..even if I love watching girls pop balloons...).

yesterday I´ve got the package with the new "Crash 2"-DVD. It´s a very good video; especially the end is fantastic, when all these nice ballons are killed from all 3 girls together in a few minutes. Thanks a lot for it and also for adding the 3 unique-balloons.

I will tell you why I like this site.... A) it has a free area!!! Any site with free area, and a good free area I wanna support. B) Has good photos, always updated - cant say the same for other sites, as we know! C) after joining
it, it helped me "realize" more about my fetish... initially I thought I was interested in nudes/loon porn, but after joining this site, I realized I was more interested in the interaction, element.. as these picts are all non-nude. I think this site is for those with fetish vs. into the porn element... and after seeing nude photos on other sites, it shows the adage that keeping covered is often MORE sexy, etc. D) Decent price, good 'money worth'.

thanks alot for the videos. I just got them today and I like all of them. My favorite is Liz part II. She is so awsome I would marry her. I'm not too much of a big popping fan but there was enough balloon play for me to enjoy the videos. Again, thanks alot, to Sherry and Mel too. God bless.

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. (You know what I mean here) If you want the perfect Christmas gift, you just have to buy it yourself. This is exactly what I did this year.  Under my tree, amongst the socks shirts and ugly ties was a video from Mellyloon......that I bought for myself.  OK, a review is to follow.
My selection this time was:  "Renee's Overinflation Rumble". Being an inflator and blow to pop fan, this one sounded like what I was looking for. Mellyloon of course caters to my likes and I had made up my mind to try someone else this time....maybe Balloongirls, but, I just had to give this one a try.  Now, before the "poppers" go for the "delete" button, hear me out. This is a GRAND video for the poppers out there.  This Renee is a popping fool. She really gets into wrapping her arms around the balloons and squeezing for all she's worth. Along with that she does in many balloons by sitting, bouncing, nails, and forcing her weight down on them. I figure she pops 60 + balloons by non-inflation methods.....many in "rapid-fire" toward the end.
Now, the inflation. Renee is a very attractive blonde....very well put together. Although she is the only girl in this video, she doesn't let the time lag. Her selection of balloons used in the video is very good!  She blows to pop several 16 inch Uniques, a 16 inch Q-tex clear spray. (nice) a 24 inch, and a BIG white thing that I have no idea what it was. It had to be a four footer or more, and she makes it go much more. I think there was a picture or two of this posted to the list some weeks back. What the still pictures don't show is how many times she goes back to the electric inflator before she finishes it off by mouth.  Most of these large, round balloons just don't make much of a neck. Not so with this monster. You could tell this one had all it could take. It made many long, thin shards when it popped.
As always, the service from Mellyloon was extra fast. Mike D. and Sherry must have some special arrangements with the Postal Service, UPS and so on. The only way they could have got it to me faster, would have been to hand it to me in person. LOL

Hi all,
I need to take my compliments Mellyloon site for their professionality. I orderer some videos form them, I had problems with the order they contact me and solved them very quickly!!! Then I received the videos only 9 days past my order (I live overseas in Europe!!!) and I must say they're great!!

Just wanted to let you know I recieved my Best Balloon Friends DVD yesyerday. As always, thank you for the very quick delivery. The video was just great, but what I found to be absolutely fantastic was the quality of the vid. This is the first balloon video on DVD I have ever ordered. I don't think I will ever go back to VHS ever again.

If you liked Ambers DVD then I think you would love Southern Balloon Comfort. There are two lovely ladies in this DVD and they both ride balloons just like amber did. As with all of Mellyloons DVD's all the extra features are there as well. Lots of pic's and slide shows as well as a lot of seledted scenes. In one part of Southern Balloon Comfort and rather large pink balloon was riden like a horse for all it was worth. If you enjoyed Ambers video that much you will enjoy Southern Balloon Comfort just as much if not more so. Check it out.

I did'nt put in my "three thumbs up" rating because frankly... all the loose skin on my body had NO wrinkles from the massive woody....lol This was the first time ever of viewing a balloon video that gave me goose pimples. Of course, you know I like the ladies to ride and play with the balloons. Amber of "Ambers Balloon Antics" is not only cute and talented, she knows how to work the camera with the balloons for the maximum entertainment. I haven't even got to the part where she was playing with the balloons....Amber had the most natural time playing with the balloons, how she would handle them, and instinctively knew to put the neck of the balloon facing the camera so we could see the neck expand with each bounce. She really got into playing with them. I especially loved the way she did the splits on top of the balloons and bounced till they popped without
cheating with her nails or sharp objects. The part where she hugged the yellow unique real hard and all it did was contort and make the balloon groan and squeal before popping, very erotic. I would have to say that this was the most sensual video to date that I have had the luck to see. "I'd love to see her do another sitting/riding video again"! For those who like mostly sitting, bouncing, riding with some inflation, you will NOT be disappointed.

Brucehi mike got the new video today ... best balloon friends . more great stuff from mellyoon ... what else can be said ? . again thanx as always for the fastest shipping of orders in the known universe !!. and also cant wait to check out the icisis video in decmeber .

I have just recently got Liz bursting Love #1 from www.mellyloon.com. After seeing Liz in her second DVD I had to see the first. As I expected I was not dissapointed. If you have not seen either one of these DVD's you should at least try one of them. Liz does a very nice job in popping the balloons in every way they can be. B2P or pin or sitting and stomping on them. In Liz bursting Love #1 she talks more to the balloons as if they had a mind of their own, which sometimes they do I think. What I like most about Liz#1 was the second half of DVD when she changed into her "more comfortable clothing". Weather you buy Liz #1 or #2 you won't be dissapointed. They are both very good balloon popping DVD's.

I was in holiday for 1 week and when I returned yesterday the package with the "Southern Balloon Comfort"-DVD was already here (Germany). Again a very good video, which I enjoy very much. Thanks a lot, also for the 2 balloons-bonus in the envelope.

Balloon party Crash is a GREAT DVD. I am sure I am not the only one to have seen this DVD so if you have just delete this post.
There is not a small balloon at all in this DVD and three lovely ladies pop these huge balloons in various exciting ways. A lot of the balloons are already filled with helium and make a great back drop, that is until the ladies begin to pop them as well. This DVD is great for just about anyone. you have B2P, boouncing, stomping, inflating to pop and group poping on some of the VERY large ones. Some of the balloons also get hugged to deth between two fo the lovely ladies. What I liked most about this DVD is the shear number of HUGE balloons in it. 20" seems to be the smallest of them. Pretty much the DVD is non stop popping. If one lady is inflating a balloon another one is popping and the third is near to popping. regardless of what you like about balloons this DVD has some of that for you.
If you get it I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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